Robert Pattinson Caught Enjoying Himself at Kristen Stewart’s Birthday Party (PHOTO)

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robert pattinsonAt last we have scoop on Kristen Stewart's 23rd birthday party. Finally! Jeebus, I can go to the bathroom now. I've been glued to my screen for days, hitting the refresh button on all my favorite tabloid sites, waiting for photos and details. What took everyone so long?

So here's how KStew rang in her birthday. First of all, of course Robert Pattinson was there with her. You can see loads of pics of KStew's party night at the Daily Mail. So were about 40 of her best pals, including CJ Romero and Scout Taylor-Compton. They all had dinner at LA restaurant Malo Cantina Suavecita in Silverlake. No word yet on what exactly they ordered.

YOU SEE? Photographic evidence of Robert Pattinson enjoying himself at his girlfriend's birthday party. That should quiet the doubters (me) once and for all (not a chance). This is clearly a couple very much in love with each other -- and their 40 friends.

Then the gang danced the night away at a bar called No Vacancy, according to the tweets of stalker fan @sparkybitchface. "Oh my, what now? No, they all went to d same place. The gang were at Malo (for dinner I guess) n then they went to No Vacancy. a whole bunch of Ks friends were there."

And there you go. Oh wait! Here's one more. The reason we know Kristen, Rob, and friends were dancing is because KStew's friend Scout tweeted in the wee hours of the morning, "my feet have never danced so much. they are very happy indeed :)" That or everyone went for a midnight run from Silverlake all the way up to Griffith Observatory, but that would imply Scout was speaking metaphorically when she said "danced," and that's probably reading too much into things.

Anyway, good times, good times. Mexican food and dancing with her friends. It's pretty much the birthday party any of us would want. Especially if RPattz were there!

If you could do anything, how would you most like to celebrate your birthday?


Image via Twitter

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nonmember avatar Jaime

Notice there are no pictures of Taylor Lautner. Shouldn't he have been there too? Did Kristen drop him like a bad habit when Rob came back from Australia?

nonmember avatar Zoe

LMAO! You again. Adriana YOU ARE WAY TOO OLD to have a thing for Rob Pattinson. Like you seriously look like you could be him mom. Get a life loser.

seely... seely1979

This is great. I mean where can you get this kind of amusement. Verbal fights between people that do not even know each other. As for being too old to have a thing for Rob. I am 56 and my daughters and I have a thing for Rob. Rob"s and Henry Cavill"s are the faces and bodies I put to the characters in books. When I want to think about something other than my terrible day. It does not matter how old you are you will always appreciate beauty in a mans gorgeous face and form.Unless you are dead.  And by the way one of the hottest man on earth is still Sean Connery, yum. Leave our dreams alone.

Bonnie Cooper

Well, since my birthday has already passed for this year (thank the lord). I would say that my wish for my next birthday would be to just wake up. LOL

Yuliziitha Pte

me encanta ver esta pareja y gracias a todos ustedes por tenernos informados falling in love

tammy... tammyc1106

" No word yet on what they ordered" ! Who cares!!

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