'Teen Mom 2' Cancelled?! So Says One of the Stars!

teen mom 2 castWhelp, Teen Mom 2 fans, time to hit the DVR and get your fill of all your favorite teen moms because the show is going bye bye. No, really, we mean it this time! Confirmation that MTV has cancelled Teen Mom 2 has finally come from a source who will put their name out there: the one and only Kailyn Lowry.

The rumors that the second iteration of Teen Mom wouldn't be renewed have been out for months, fueled by star Jenelle Evans' ever-devolving actions, and the fact that the network opted to air two seasons back-to-back. MTV has even doubled up some nights, airing two episodes in a row, in a rush to get this thing over with. But it wasn't until the Teen Mom stars got pulled into a debate over the cancellation of Buckwild by the latter show's producer, J.P. Williams, that the truth came out.

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Williams ranted to the Hollywood Reporter this week about what he says was a complete surprise, even coming on the heels of star Shain Gandee's death:

They'll stick by a show that allows you to abandon a child, but a kid dies by accident doing what he does for a living (mudding) and they cancel the show? There's something that smells of s--- here on every level.

Maybe not.

Because the Teen Moms themselves took to Twitter to respond. Jenelle got in a feud with Buckwild's Shae while Kailyn politely asked that the fellow reality show's stars leave her crew alone. And then she dropped a bomb ...

The way Kailyn tells it, MTV is NOT sticking by Teen Mom 2. In fact, she tweeted last night:

We didn't even get a go for another season so it's not like we're one up on them...


Even knowing it was coming, it's still kind of shocking, isn't it? The show certainly courts controversy -- Jenelle leading the pack -- but it's done well for MTV, regularly topping the cable ratings on Monday nights. The network's silence on what now looks like a very real cancellation points to some bets being hedged in the Viacom offices.

And it kind of makes you wonder what will happen with Teen Mom 3, doesn't it? The new show's cast has been announced, but there has been little talk from MTV about when we'll get to see them on air ... if ever.

What do you think of the official news from Kailyn? Will you be sad to see Teen Mom 2 go off the air?


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Corinna Laver Mull

they did 4 season for the 1st one and there are in the 4th season now of teen mom 2 so yea it should be the end but go on with teen mom 3 and do 4 seasons of that one

Gina A. Liccardo

That's f...ed up. Imma miss Jenelle's mom big time! MTV sucks azz!

Jeanne Bekah Mayhle

just fire jenelle  well i wont be watching mtv anymore bye bye mtv


Wendi Street

janelle is a stupid drug whore bitch. she better watch it buckwild girls will whoop her ass

Lauren Kellems

Four seasons in, the girls are grown, their relationships with their baby daddies are defined and established, and the drama is minimal.  There isn't much left to see.  Think about this most recent episode: Jenelle went to court (again) but nothing happened.  Kailyn's boyfriend decided to join the military.  Chelsea announced she was going to stop attending classes.  Leah and Corey argued about child support.  I admit, I still watch the show every Monday night and I even watch the re-runs and read all the news and obsess over it.  Honestly though, four seasons is enough.  It's boring.  There's no drama.  Besides, if you follow the news or Twitter, you already know FAR in advance how things turn out.  I would love to see a reunion with Dr. Drew, just to see how the kids have grown and to get an update on things, but there's no need to drag this out over another season or more.

That being said...I'm ready for Teen Mom 3 to start!  A fresh crop of young mothers trying to figure out life with young babies and lots of DRAMA! 

mikaelar mikaelar

Wow! The Teen Mom shows are the ONLY reason why I watch MTV anymore, I really hope there will be a Teen Mom 3...  I may not always agree with things that happen on the show but it IS reality. There is no perfect family and absolutely no perfect person. 

suzq94 suzq94

Get rid of jenelle. She is a big baby and only thinks of herself. She only cares about her son when she wants to show him off.

nonmember avatar MEG

It makes sense for season 4 to be the last. Although I am a fan of the series, there really is nowhere else for this show to go. The episodes are getting boring and predictable

Stephanie Nicole

i really liked this season..i like the girls that they have minus all the drama with janelle...but sometimes thats what makes the show and alot of people watch the show just for that. i would love an update show for the last episode so that we find out where all of the girls are and see what they look like.

Karen DeMaria

They should get rid of Jenelle and put someone else in her place. I am a huge fan of the series and i stay up every Monday just to watch. So please dont take it off the air it helps other Teen Moms in this world that they are not alone.

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