Harry Styles May Be in Talks for the '50 Shades of Grey' Movie

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one directionHarry Styles may have read Fifty Shades of Grey and actually called it "an educational and interesting read," but now, the boy band member and E.L. James' insanely popular erotic book are too close for comfort! FansShare announced a few days back that Harry and his band, One Direction, have been working on music for the soundtrack. Granted, the original report came out on April 1, but so far, no one's yelled, "April Fools'!" So, then it actually could be true. Nuts, right?

Being that the flick won't be out until summer 2014 at the earliest, sources are saying that it's just a matter of the boy band being "in talks" to do a song for the film. Still, not sure I'm buying any of it.

If there is some truth to the buzz, I'd have to wonder what in the world the producers are THINKING. Could it be that they think a track from a bubblegum pop act like One Direction would set the perfect tone to establish Anastasia's innocence at the outset of the film? Or maybe current teen fans of the band will be the perfect 18-24 target audience for the film in couple of years? Perhaps Henry Styles is planning a Justin Timberlake-like transition from teenybopper boy band member to mainstream adult entertainer, and he thinks doing a track for the Fifty Shades soundtrack will help him make the switch? Or maybe E.L. James just happens to have a thing for him.

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Regardless of the rationale,  I can't see how anything related to One Direction would be right for Fifty Shades. Let's hope it's all just a silly rumor concocted from overzealous fans of the band and the book.

How do you feel about this unlikely match?


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Carrie Hoye Cook

need a man to play christian grey not a boy

Debra Anduaga

GAG ME NOW!! We need to see a man with a sexy body and a beautiful face and great hair, not a toddler!! It's got to be IAN SOMERHALDER AND FOR ANA ANYONE EXCEPT KRISTEN STEWART!!

Sama2... Sama2Mamma

Ian Somerhalder only!!!

Annie... Anniegrace

This article talks about One Direction doing a song, not Harry being Christian! Come on, people. I don't buy it, it would be a really stupid move to have a young boy band do a track for the movie. It wouldn't even make sense to have them do it! It's definitely gotta be a rumor. I don't know what the heck is going on with this movie though. Why does it take months and months to find a filmmaker? Beautiful Bastard is making more progress and they got news of a movie not that long ago. Jeez. Just cast Henry Cavill and Emilia Clarke already!

K'Lynn Gorman

LOLWUT? I really hope this is a joke.

nonmember avatar Nina

He is a boy! Ridiculous

nonmember avatar Pukar

It's fifty shades of grey, not fifty shades of gay!!

Tana Ely

we need Ian Somerhalder

Bella Vita

Oh hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ian or Henry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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