'Teen Mom' Star Kailyn Lowry Doesn’t Need to Defend Her Military Marriage

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Kailyn Lowry & Javi MarroquinI can't imagine what it's like to be some sort of celebrity in a relationship that's open for EVERYONE to criticize. Like, hello, pressure! Heck, Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry is battling the hardships of it right now. After the Teen Mom 2 episode aired Monday night where she and current husband Javi decide to get married, fans of the show are coming out of the woodwork saying that the only reason they said "I do" was for the benefits. Kailyn tweeted her worries on Monday, and you know what? I feel bad for her.

As someone who has dated someone in the military in the past, I can definitely say yes -- there are bonuses. Since the Teen Mom couple got married before Javi left for Air Force boot camp earlier this year -- they were eligible for extra cash and benefits. However, I can also say that it's not all a piece of cake. There are a LOT of hardships with being a military spouse, too.

When you're a military spouse, you make many, many sacrifices. If your husband (or wife) is in the active service, you lose them once a month to drill for an entire weekend. If you're SUPER lucky, that weekend is ALWAYS the one where a best friend decides to get married or your kid has a birthday. Since drill isn't really optional, it's just something that comes with the territory. Not to mention, when you're a military spouse, your significant other is essentially always on call. When some sort of odd weather event happens, you KNOW they're the first person to go out patrolling the streets.

And of course, there are deployments. Oh the joy that happens there. You're left home waiting for their call, praying for a Skype, and clutching onto the hope that they're out of harm's way.

So let's revisit this: Kailyn got married, just like many a woman (and man) who fall for a soldier, because she's in love. Are there some benefits? Of course. Considering all of the things that military families go through, though, I say they deserve them.

Can you sympathize with Kailyn? Are you a military spouse?


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Sierr... SierraLynn

i am married to a soldier. I dont even think about the benefits. I love my husband and thats all that matters. If we didnt get free medical or a housing allowance Id still have married him. He is my best friend. Reservists and guard go to drill once a month... Just an FYI. Active duty, which I believe Javi is, its just like any other normal job. Honestly, from the show, it seems as though they married for the benefits. But who am I to judge from an hour long show once a week that has some cleaver editing?

I know Air Force doesn't deploy as much as Army or as long, but if she can handle being away from her husband for significant amounts of time all the time then more power to her just like the rest of us. But the separation can also break a couple. Its a true test of love and commitment on a person.

court... courtneycatt

In all honesty the benefits (like listed above--medical) are not free, those come out the base pay but are never really seen on LES (pay stub).  But as someone that does what the show and is an Air Force spouse, it was straight up for the benefits and he was most likely told by his recruiter to marry before he left for basic training (not boot camp).  It makes it easier to get her on his orders and yes he does get paid more because he now has dependents. 

The whole thing is laughable--they think they actually have a real say in where and when they will go so she can tell her baby's daddy!?  Oh man they are in for a rude awakening!  GOOD LUCK to her--Military life is not for everyone, and most of the time on that show she doesn't seem like she will be cut out for it.

HayLaura HayLaura

Anyone who has never been in the Military have no idea of all the scarifices that they have to go through. Not just the spouses, but the children too.  My husband was in the Air Force for 8 years in are early to late 20's and yes it was nice to have such great medical benefits, but my husband was gone a lot and in danger protecting Our Country.  I hope and Pray that Kailyn and Ravi are strong enough to get through all the hardships that will occur during his time in the Military. If they do, their chances of staying in a long lasting relationship will be much stronger.  I also believe it will help Kailyn grow up and become more Mature, much more than the other girls on the show.  I am rooting for this relationship to be happy and long lasting.  in love

Cassi Knudson

I was in the military and that is soooo common for men and women to do before they go away for basic training....the only difference is she is in the public eye....And who are we to judge!

nonmember avatar T

My friend married her husband right before bootcamp when they were 18. They are 32 now with 2 kids and still happily married. Being married before he left just made their relationship stronger while he was gone. I know it's not like that for everyone, but people need to understand they need to do what is right for them and it's no one else's business.

Melissa Rogers

I do sympathize with Kayla. I grew up as a daughter of a military family. I now have a son who is a Marine stationed overseas. I also have a stepdaughter who is leaving in August for basic training I for the Air Force.

nonmember avatar jessica

I am in the exact boat as Kailyn. My husband is in the Army and we just ogt married back in March because he's about to ship out in 2 weeks. I'm also 2 month pregnant and had we not gotten married I wouldn't have the health insurance that my baby will need me to have. we've been together for a year and it felt best. I think their decision was a good one. It shows that he loves her and really wants to take care of her and her son, who isn't even his. And thats more than Joe ever did for them.

Katrina Wray Culbertson

They are alot of people taking these benefits that are not stars.At lease she's not on welfare, I think they did the right thing. They are raising a child together. And that takes a lot of money. I am so happy that they could get the benefits.

nonmember avatar Michelle

I'm married to a retired Air Force soldier who now works for them on the civilian side. Yes there are benefits to being married before you join but most likely he was told if they were planning to marry to do it before he left so that his family is taken care of. I don't think Kaylin would marry him just for that reason. Besides what business is it of anyone's but hers and his?!! It's not!! Just because she fell in love while doing a show does not give us the right to judge her. She's a good girl who has taken care of her child on her own for awhile now. She's doing a great job!!

For the comment above that the Air Force doesn't deploy as much as the other branches, that's crap!! My step son has deployed 6 times in the last 5 yrs!! Yes he's only there 6 months but bcuz of the job he does he's on the front lines and in very serious danger every time he goes!! In all the branches it just depends on your job as to how much and how often you deploy!! We should be thanking Javi and Kaylin for him enlisting and her willing to stand by him!! He's a smart guy to have done so well on the tests he took. The AF doesn't take just anyone. You have to be very smart!!

Good Luck Kaylin and Javi on your journey!!

Yes I'm older and I know about the show cuz I watch it w my 17 yr. old daughter. It's been very educational for her and has helped her make the decision to wait till she's older to date and have a serious relationship.

Jeanne Bekah Mayhle

no i dont feel sorry for her at all.. im married to a soldier and been through 5 deployments. my hubby has made only 2 of our wedding anniversaries... but thats just the life we choose...

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