Kate Middleton Sees Kate Middleton Doll & Freaks Out (PHOTO)


kate middleton

Kate Middleton was working the crowd in Scotland earlier this week when she got the shock of a lifetime. Eleven-year-old Dayna Miller, a giant fan of the Duchess', held out a doll for Kate to see. And when Kate did, in fact, lay eyes on the thing, her reaction was priceless. As if the look on her face doesn't say it all, Kate exclaimed:

No! Oh no, is that me? Is that meant to be me? Does my hair really look like that?!

Yep, the doll was, as it turns out, a Kate Middleton Barbie of sorts that Dayna had asked for and received at Christmas. In her royal blue Issa engagement-announcement dress knock-off, the eight-inch Kate Middleton evidently didn't please the 5'10" Kate Middleton.

Aside from the helmet hair, I think it's a rather flattering miniature replica, but clearly, Kate's not having it. Here's the thing, though: would anyone who's sane be excited to see themselves as a small doll? No! Because it's creepy and weird and invasive and just, eew.

Kate's keeping it so real here with her reaction, and it's fantastic. Better yet, she managed her disdain for the doll with graciousness and a sense of humor. So much so that little Dayna declared that it had been the "best day ever."

Keeping the kids happy while simultaneously loathing their toys? She'll be an expert mom once that royal baby pops out this summer, no doubt about it.

Would you be freaked out to see a doll in your likeness?


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kate middleton

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tuffy... tuffymama

I have a doll in my five-year-old likeness that was made by a relative, and I cherish it. It did look like me except she made my brown eyes green because I wanted green eyes like my mom (who is still a good looking woman).

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