Kim Kardashian Is Hit With Rumors of Kanye West Cheating

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kim and kanyeKim Kardashian's week just keeps getting worse. First her ex Ray J releases a nasty song about their old sex life that made KK sound a little bit slutty. And now she has been hit with rumors that baby daddy Kanye West may be cheating on her.

Perez Hilton reports that the rapper might be having an affair with Iggy Azalea. So I am sure you are asking, who the hell is Iggy Azalea? She's an Australian hip hop artist and Kanye's supposed muse. Sources say they have been spending a lot of time together and he wants to sign her to his label. They went on to say this is totally stressing the very pregnant Kim out. No kidding.

But it gets worse. Star Magazine published a story alleging that Kanye isn't turned on by Kim anymore and that they've stopped having sex. Awful, right? With all the criticism about her body, I am sure her insecurity is at its height. Apparently, Kanye even went to Paris recently to hang out with the petite and sexy Iggy. Poor Kim. I hope this isn't true. This is the last thing a pregnant woman needs to be dealing with. It's beyond stressful.

Though, I imagine she is used to being barraged with negative stories. Perhaps nothing could be more humiliating than what she endured after her 72-day marriage crashed and burned. The tabloids were ruthless. Besides, Kanye still seems incredibly smitten with the reality star. He's dreamed about snagging her for years and it finally happened. I don't think he would throw that all away for a fling.

Do you think these cheating rumors are true?


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nonmember avatar Chanel

Bull crap story as usual, why don't they leave this woman alone.

ssand... ssanders1992

I wouldn't blame him....Iggy is kinda weird on the outside, but the girl is killer on the mic, and has more talent and personality in her pinky finger than Kim does in her entire body. I will say that his timing is terrible..if he didn't want Kim, he shouldn't have gotten her pregnant.

Penny Harshbarger

well think about it if hes going to paris to chill out with another woman probly yes he is cheating,,, dont need him kim dump his ass and go for child support....u have ur family there behind u ...

Kisha A. Cylis

i think if its truth its for them to handal it them self, she is pregnant and kenye is cheating, it sound like they wount make it.

Kisha A. Cylis

evering if he is going to paris to chill with another woman that he is cheating, maybe he just trying to clear his heard and maybe he just needs someone to talk to. i am just saying.

Kisha A. Cylis

eveing do i dont like her............

yolie... yoliescott

Who really cares. It will be just something else to put on their show to make money,.


Dawn Thompson Ruley

If Perez HIlton said it is so. Then it is so. Have so little respect after she hooked up with that loser Kanye. Has not helped her image.

nonmember avatar one71721

Is anyone really surprise that Kanye is cheating. He's a DOG...and an ugly one at that. Kim was stupid for getting knocked up by that creep.

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