'Bachelor' Sean Lowe & 'DWTS' Partner Peta Murgatroyd Are WAY Closer Than Anyone Thought

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Sean Lowe Peta MurgatroydAs much as they've tried to shoot down any sort of hookup rumors, it's getting harder and harder for Bachelor Sean Lowe and his Dancing With the Stars partner Peta Murgatroyd to deny the chemistry that exists between them.

And based on new comments Peta made about Sean and their relationship, it definitely sounds like they're a lot closer than either of them would like us to believe.

(Gulp. I hope Catherine Giudici hasn't heard any of this yet.)

Peta told In Touch, "Sean and I have developed a really good friendship over the past few weeks and he is definitely going to be in my life forever. I hope that they stay in L.A. for a little bit so that we can all hang out together once the show is over."

She also added, "As we are preparing to go on, I always say, 'It’s just you and me out there babe.' And it sort of gets him into the zone. It gets him looking into my eyes and making sure that we have a connection before we step onto that dance floor."

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Ok, hold up. Let's talk about her saying she knows Sean is "going to be in her life forever." How long have they known each other? Like a month? It sure sounds like they've grown incredibly close in such a short period of time -- maybe even closer than Sean became with most of the women on his season of The Bachelor (and he was making out with them).

And I'm not buying the idea of Peta wanting to hang out with Sean and Catherine after DWTS is over. Yeah, that's what all women say when they're either trying to hide their true feelings for a guy, or hide the fact that there's already something going on between them from his fiance.

Ok, confession time. I once got all buddy-buddy with a girl in high school simply because she started dating a close male friend that I had a romantic history with. I wanted to stay as close to their relationship as possible, so I befriended her. Shameful, but true. And that may or may not be what is going through Peta's mind as far as Sean and Catherine go.

And how about her referring to him as "babe" before they go out on the dance floor? Maybe that's a term of endearment she uses for all of her partners, but typically "babe" is reserved for people who are more than just friends. My husband and I call each other "babe." (I'm just sayin'.)

I'm not exactly sure why, but I have a gut feeling that things are not exactly perfect between Sean and Catherine -- and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Peta had something to do with it. I know the dude's a born again virgin and all, but it's gotta be hard not to be a little bit turned on by having someone with a body like Peta's pressed up against you for hours on end every day.

(Sorry, Catherine, but it's true. The guy is only human.)

Do you think there is anything romantic going on with Sean and Peta?


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Dania Elisse

Karina calls Jacobi babe all the time who cares Peta's not gonna do anything Sean knows better he is not gonna hurt Catherine!! i kind agree with you the way she talks about Sean she's like 0bsessed and crazy to me but like i said Sean knows better

Dania Elisse

Catherine's not the jealous type at all! Sean and Peta aren't the only partners on the show to become close friends i all of them are really good friends i been watching the show for a long time nice try with your stupid rumor though plus it would be Sean loss to hurt Catherine shes a great woman

Deanna Epstein

sean & cathine belong togther not peta need to back off because he is take .


nonmember avatar Michele

The media needs to stay out of their business. They always crap out there because they don't have a life so they want to get into others.

Trish Bradshaw

Come on stop trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.I hate the way people always try to make something out of nothing,right now they are working together to win this trophy. Let sleeping dogs lie

nonmember avatar Christy

Omgggg! Can people just shut up about this already. I read this expecting some really juicy gossip LOL! All I got was something innocent that ridiculous people read waaaayyyyy to much in to and analyze everything to death. ::rolls eyes:: please, get over it. What is so wrong with people making a strong PLATONIC, friendly connection?! It happens! Some people also have the habit of calling others babe, sweetie, etc. A lot of the dancers do it.

nonmember avatar Cindi

Sean and Peta look so natural together. Don't see that with Catherine.

Rainier Neil Gore

we are fans of Sean and Cathrine we love and adore them together maybe he needs to be voted off DWS

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