'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Wants 'A Couple Million' for Her Sex Tape (VIDEO)


farrah abrahamThe alleged Farrah Abraham sex tape is starting to sound a lot more like a good old-fashioned porno. The Teen Mom star reportedly shot the film/tape with famed pornographic actor James Deen, and now she's supposedly shopping it around for -- wait for it -- $2 million. I'll hold while you vomit.

Farrah told TMZ that the reason she shot the film wasn't so she could sell it or have it "leak" on the Internet, Kardashian-style, but so she could immortalize this moment in her life. She wants to remember her hot body as it is now when she gets old (as opposed to, you know, just looking at photos). And she added: "If my ex-boyfriend Derek were alive, I would've rather it had been him with me." However, now that the cat's out of the bag, and we all know about Farrah's porny sex tape that was really intended for her personal collection, she's willing to sell it. But not for anything less than a "couple million bucks".

It seems like the reason Abraham is coming clean is because James Deen told TMZ what really happened, saying that he was approached by a porn company asking him to shoot a film with Farrah -- and the plan was to pass it off as a sex tape (with a porn star?). The cover was blown, though (at least Deen thought), when he was caught leaving the Vivid Entertainment offices, holding hands with Farrah. Case closed.

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Okay, I really don't even know what to make of this, as this whole thing seems insane, but I do know that A) Farrah has to be kidding, asking for $2 million (who does she think she is, the Queen of England?), and B) why is she doing this now? Don't people make sex tapes to get famous? Farrah already had a show on MTV. I guess we can't say the girl's not innovative. She's single-handedly trying to change the sex tape industry.

But hands down, my absolute favorite thing to come out of this whole clusterf*ck is this video of Farrah being approached by TMZ cameras before everything came to a head. Watch it and you'll know why. 

Enjoy! And go on -- feel good about yourself.


Image via TMZ

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nonmember avatar stacey

ew you'd have to pay me two mil just to watch it..I can't stand her annoying ass cry face could only imagine what her sex faces look like yuck!

nonmember avatar kaerae

Farrah's mom may wonder where she went wrong having a daughter who got knocked up in high school. At least, when it's Sophia, Farrah won't have to wonder where she fucked up...mystery solved.

Crystal Marie

I dont know, no, what??!!.... WHAT A LIBRARY!!!! e. lab.er. rate.... huh.. Like its a cheer, come on now spell it out, u can do it!!!... Wonder if she can say 'Im a fucking retard'!!!! What an idiot she probably had to literally be directed on how to make a porno, oh no wait, she got knocked up in high school so she obviously knows how to be a whore..

nonmember avatar Ltd112

@ crystal Marie: While I agree that Farrah is in no way a good role model for her little girl, getting knocked up in high school does not make her a whore! I was " knocked up in high school" and have only been with one guy and were still together 6 years later, and we are the only two who provide for and raise our son! I am in no way a whore.

nonmember avatar Madeline

There is a big different between being a teen mother and exploiting your teen pregnancy to gain fame.

Valerie Metzger

Holy lack of vocabulary, Batman. Someone get the girl a dictionary.

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