Jason Hoppy Still Wearing Wedding Ring Because He’s a Good Man, That’s Why


jason hoppyThey filed for divorce around Christmas, but now, four months later, Bethenny Frankel's husband Jason Hoppy is still wearing his wedding ring. He was just photographed in a New York City park playing with their almost-3-year-old daughter Bryn with the iconic symbol of marriage on his left hand.

When Jason was caught wearing his wedding band just weeks after it was announced that he and Bethenny were calling it quits, everyone was like, aww, poor guy, he's not ready to move on yet. Now, everyone's all like, what's with this guy.

And by everyone I hope I just don't mean me, but it's possible. Moving on.

There are probably a billion (or at least 10) reasons that Jason's keeping his wedding bling on, but let's focus in on the two most likely. One, he's a genius martyr who knows how to play the press. A shot of Jason still wearing the ring is a check plus in his corner as fans sympathize with him and take this very nebulous sign to mean that he's still devoted, that he's not broken, that he's a strong, romantic man worth admiring. He's cultivated an image and the ring is at the center of it.

Or two, he's one of the handful of people left in the nation who take marriage very seriously. Unlike Kim Kardashian, or Bethenny, for that matter, who's been rumored to be seeing billionaire Warren Lichtenstein, Jason believes he's still married until he's officially divorced. He's going to uphold those damn vows he took until they're expressly declared null and void. He's really just that moral.

I'm going to go ahead and say that he's a master media manipulator. I mean, come on. That's gotta be it.

You know what they say, don't hate the player, hate the game. Do you, Jason. Do you.

What do you think?


Photo via Splash News

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nonmember avatar kaerae

It's his ring, he can wear it if he wants to.

Kim Cutlip

He was raised in a home where when you marry it is for life therefore no matter what she does I dont look for him to take it off any time soon

Not for publicity that thought probably did not enter his mind 


Love Her but I think that if she had stayed off reality tv and took her work and office out of her home they might have made it She shared every thing with everybody they had very little privacy

smile mini

Jo-Ann Tuohey

I think he took his vows seriously and wants his child to have a stable life with a mom and dad in the same home. Bethany got so fame hungry that she just couldn't handle settling down, being married and having a child. It's really too bad that she chose fame over her family. She had enough money from selling her company that she never had to work again, but she wants the limelight. It's so sad for Jason and little Bryn.

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