The Next '50 Shades of Grey' Reads Will Be Here Before You Know It

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beautiful bastardIf since finishing Fifty Shades of Grey story, you've been hungry for hot new reads, you're in luck. There are more than a few sexy series with confirmed new titles on the horizon. Take Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings's Beautiful Bastard, which after being called the "next Fifty Shades of Grey" and landing a movie deal seemed primed for follow-ups. Today, it was confirmed: The writing duo have signed a five-book deal with Simon & Schuster's Gallery Books. But first, Beautiful Stranger, the spinoff to Beautiful Bastard hits Target exclusively on April 16 and everywhere else May 28. After that, we'll get another Beautiful Bastard spinoff revolving around Chloe and Bennett's friends, and then, over the course of 2013, three novellas picking up Chloe and Bennett's story from the end of Beautiful Bastard. A third full-length novel will arrive summer 2014. Ooooh yeah!

So, what can we expect? Christina (and) Lauren shared an exclusive teaser with us ...

The authors dished:

We are thrilled to be able to write all-new Chloe and Bennett shenanigans! And although they've admitted they have all of these sweet, lovey feelings, there's still plenty of snark flying. The next installment has them struggling to find time to vacation together ... with unexpected results.

Exciiiiting! We can't wait! And if you're itching for even more Fifty Shades-like series on the horizon, check a few of these sexy series that have confirmed new titles coming out soon ...

  1. Original Sinners - Fans of Tiffany Reisz's sexy books are looking forward to the August release of The Mistress - the fourth book in her Red Years Quartet, the adventures of Nora Sutherlin, Dominant and erotica writer. Then, in late 2013, Reisz will follow-up with The White Years Quartet -- the adventures of Eleanor Schreiber, submissive.
  2. Gabriel's Redemption - Sylvain Reynard's third book following the love affair between Dante specialist Professor Gabriel Emerson and his student Julia Mitchell will be released December 3, 2013. Pre-order information will go up on major online booksellers this week and next, for both ebook and paperback versions.
  3. Entwined with You and A Lush Kiss of Surrender - Best-selling author of Bared to You and Reflected in You Sylvia Day's upcoming installment of her series that follows lovers Gideon and Eva will be out June 4. After that, a novella, which is will be the latest installment of her Renegade Angels trilogy will be released, as well.

What sexy novels are you reading or are you psyched for?

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Sarah Penick

bared to you series by sylvia day is a great series simular to fsog! 

Jacqueline Hatfield Brown
MJ Fields author of Blue Love - Blue Love MJ Fields messaged us asking us to give all our page fans a free book!! Go to the following website to get your copy!
use coupon code LX24S
Here is a little quote pic to give you some incentive!! Go get her book and go like her page!!! ♥ Kari

Stephanie Rotella

this book was terrible, it was way too corny and no story at all. They try to add some drama at the very end, but its, really just thrown in there, such a disappointment.

Megan Smith

lets hope sulvia day doesn't keep pushing the release date for the crossfire series. It was suppose to be released in jan 2013 and then may 2013 and now its june. I just hope its soon cause bared to you and reflected in you are amazing books.

nonmember avatar Lea

I've been reading books by Maya Banks. Once I start reading them I can't put them down!

JT Banks

Loved Bared to You and Reflected in You by Sylvia Day. Also, try
if you enjoyed 50 Shades

nonmember avatar Eve

If you liked Fifty Shades you will love 'This Man' & 'Beneath this man@ by Jody Ellen Malpas!! Patiently waiting for the 3rd book to come out!!

Aleen Heginger

I've read it and I couldn't put it down! I loved it!! It took me 2 days to read this book.. Waiting for my 2nd book to come to me in the mail

Don Ake

You don't need 50 Shades of Grey - you just need 3. -

nonmember avatar Danielle

I would agree with all those books listed PLUS Arouse by Nina Lane. One of the best books I have ever read, and the sequel, Allure, is coming out next month!

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