‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe Won’t Do the One Thing Needed to Save His Relationship


sean loweWe all know the odds are against Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici. You can count on one hand the number of Bachelor/Bachelorette couples that actually make it down the aisle. Sad, but true. There are already reports swirling that it's almost over. But all hope is not lost. Sean-Cat can still make if he smartens up and stops making the most common relationship mistake of all time.

According to Us Weekly, Sean is doing very little to keep the spark alive. In fact, he is barely paying any attention at all to Catherine. He's so consumed with Dancing With The Stars, there is little time or energy left over for his fiance.

That's in stark contrast to how things were during the show, of course. Those over-the-top romantic dates created instant sparks. (That and Sean’s amazing 12-pack). But now that the've left reality TV for real life, they need to work hard to keep things interesting. You know, the same goes for just about every relationship. The first few months feel like an endless adventure. It's exciting. It's new. It's euphoric. Then, things slow down and those heart palpitations don't come as fast and furious as they did before. That doesn't mean you aren't interested or not still in love. It just means you have to get a little more creative about keeping things hot.

That's a lesson Sean needs to learn asap if he wants to keep Catherine. She moved from Seattle to L.A. to be with him, but she never sees him. Because of his strict moral code, they are not living together, nor are they having sex. He spends much of his time prepping for DWTS and that leaves her bored and lonely. And that combo is a surefire relationship killer.

Sean won't even commit to a wedding date, report Us Weekly sources. Wedding planning would at least give the poor girl something to do. So it seems to me, Sean isn't really invested in Catherine's happiness or their engagement right now. If he doesn't flip the script soon, no doubt the Bachelor curse will ruin them too.

Do you think Sean is dropping the ball?


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eeyore13 eeyore13

Wow, I didn't realize that sex and living together was the best way to maintain a spark.  Hmmmm, wonder why there are so many divorces then?  If you have to have someone's attention that much and demand it after a 8+ hour daily workout perhaps you need someone who is just as needy.

nonmember avatar Getalife

I agree with your eeyore 13. No matter what happens they will make it if they want to make it. Nothing is easy. Anyhow, I feel that what they have is special and very profound. It's like going to work. Stop being so needy!

nonmember avatar Jag

What really shows Sean's true colors is his jumping into DWTS immediatley after finding the 'love of his life'. I think the limelight is the love of his life. Poor Catherine. Maybe she doesn't mind. I would.

Jovie Andawey

Sean asked Catherine's opinion before going into the DWTS. So, I would say he puts Catherine first before the DWTS as he said in an interview.  I think they truly love each other that  they will make it.  I  have read  that they pray together, too and I believe in the power of prayer! 

nonmember avatar Ed Briley

Sean didn't really seem to be into Catherine. Lindsey was the girl for him. She was more mature and had more grace. Just don't let his fame go to his head, and he & Catherine will be fine. Best wishes for them.

nonmember avatar dvsh

Sean is being a jerk. He needs to stop being so into himself and take a look at his fiance. He's in denial that his fame will last forever. He's not being honest with himself or anyone else.. Remember he was the one who wanted to just move back to Dallas and have a family. Puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.

nonmember avatar Jag

I suggest Sean put that band of gold on Catherines finger real soon if he wants her.
She is sure to come back to earth one day soon & realize the show is over.

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