‘Bachelor' Sean Lowe Slams Honey Boo Boo & Kim Kardashian in Dumbest Move of All Time

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honey boo boo and kim kardashianReady for a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black? By now we are used to other stars picking on Honey Boo Boo and Kim Kardashian. But usually the critics are much bigger, legitimate celebs. This time, however, HBB and KK are under attack from a completely unexpected bully - Sean Lowe.  You won't believe what the former Bachelor had the nerve to say.

The dating show sent this Twit diss: 

sean lowe twitter

Sean thinks a little too much of himself, don’t you think? What makes him so much better than any other reality star? If he really thought about how he rose to fame (pun intended), he may be a bit more humble -- or at the very least, not so mean to his peers.

Think about it. This guy is a star (and I am sure a fleeting one at that) because he went on a dating show, made out with a bunch of emotionally fragile women, and then sent them packing in a trail of tears. So what makes him so much better than Honey Boo Boo? She may act a bit ridiculous on TV, but she's a child. What the heck is his excuse?

As for Kim Kardashian, he wishes he could pull in that much cash for basically doing nothing in particular. In the immortal words of the pint size pageant contestant -- he'd better redneckognize. Truth is, both Honey Boo Boo and Kim Kardashian will still be relevant way after his relationship goes sour and he fades into obscurity. He only needs to take a look at Jake Pavelka or Ben Flajnik to figure out where his future in the spotlight is headed. One day, he will hope and pray to find his way back on a list with Honey Boo Boo and Kim Kardashian.

Do you think Sean's Tweet was a low blow?


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nonmember avatar Nora

Yes! Finally someone writes about hiphop music.

Teresa Michael

If he had half the class that Kim,Honey Booboo had he would have found a women the old fashion way.I'm like where is his respect for others oh he does'nt have any.I was going to ask why them Kim could wipe you off like crumbs,Honey Booboo's Mother well you would understand the meaning of "IT IS WHAT IT IS" can't fix "STUPID"

CAP1015 CAP1015

Give him the benefit of the doubt, he is ill, he has been stricken with the "KATE GOSSELIN SELF IMPORTANCE VIRUS".   The virus causes one to become addicted to being a celebrity because you were a 'specticle/freak show" and causes one to not recognize reality that due to having no viable skills, talent or any thing remotely interesting the only way to remain a celeb is to continue to fool yourself and act like a moron.  It seems to becoming an epidemic  Jill Zarin,(and almost every RHW of wherever), Teen Moms, Bachelors/bachelorettes, MTV real world and on and on and on.

Irene Sylvia Alas

who does he think he is?? celebrity royalty?? gimme a break!!

Leeanne LeBlanc

Sean who?  He's lucky to be on any list.  Our only consolation is that he won't be for long.



Chantel Cole

He should take back that remark because he is not going to be a Reality Celebratity for long.  

nonmember avatar AmyJacob

Kim K. Is a celebrity because of a sex tape...so, yes, he is better than her. Almost everyone is!

nonmember avatar Girl

Wow. I'm certainly not a die-hard Bachelor fan, but I know who Sean and Catherine are. It seems to me Sean's tweet is being taken out context. Isn't he just poking fun at the media's poking fun of reality TV? As far as Kim Kardashian is concerned, I may have my head under a rock, but honestly, other than hearing her name, I am not sure who she is, or what she has done to become a reality TV celeb?!

Dee Newberry Hull


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