7 New ‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4 Spoilers Reveal Love & Drama Are in the Air (VIDEO)

downton everyoneSeason 4 of Downton Abbey is still months and months away. How long away? We'll tell you in a minute, but trust me. It's like forever. I mean, we may be traveling by jet packs before Downton airs in the U.S. Meanwhile, little by little more spoilers about next season keep leaking out. Here's everything NEW we know so far!

1. More on Jack Ross, AKA "the new black character." We told you about how Downton producers are casting for a charming black musician. Now we're hearing he'll inspire some race-related controversy. Get ready to see Violet grimace disapprovingly and wave her hankie in distress.

2. Mary's new suitor. Remember how hottie Tom Cullen is joining the show as aristocrat Lord Anthony Gillam? Supposedly he walks into the Crawleys' lives to help them out with their financial problems. Naturally, he becomes a favorite of Lord Grantham. Gillam is "good looking [and] very charismatic [with] a perfect cut glass accent. He's warm and charming, but also a strong man with morals."

3. Mary's other new suitor. Oh yes, juiciest of all! It's not just Lord Gillam who's wooing Mary. Julian Ovendon, played by Charles Blake, will also compete for Mary's heart. She will only pick one, though, and my hunch is that it'll be Sir Gillam.

4. Mary may rebuff both! Actress Michelle Dockery says of her character, "I imagine she will not be able to move on very quickly. It will be very difficult to replace the love of her life." So don't expect Mary to get swept off her feet by either of these fine gentlemen too quickly.

5. Bates and Anna drama. Finally, that happy couple was getting to be dull. In an online chat, Joanne Froggatt (best name ever) wouldn't go into details, but said to expect plenty of DRAMA. "I obviously can't say more than that but I think it may be the best yet and there are certainly aspects of Anna's character that have never been seen before ... I think these scripts are the best yet. [Julian Fellowes] has done such an incredible job." Also, Anna gets a new hairdo. Bangs? Haha.

6. Branson snogs the nanny? Allen Leech, who plays newly-widowed and distractingly handsome Tom Branson, has hinted that there may be some "canoodling" with the nanny, who hasn't been cast yet. 1. He would. 2. This is me hopping on a plane for England so I can audition for the role.

7. January 5, 2014. (New to us anyway -- apparently this was announced a few months ago.) That's when Downton Abbey season 4 premieres in the U.S. The U.K. will get the show in September. They're doing it again. Why? WHY????

Why do you think the U.S. is still getting Downton Abbey so long after the U.K. does?


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Rosamunda Rosamunda

I live in Argentina, and this great series isn´t even airing here. Outside the US, we always have to wait... now you know how it feels... ;p
Really liked your article. Can´t wait to season 4!!!

nonmember avatar DowntonFan

Just so you all know, when there is a show that ITV will not allow American viewers to watch online, there are several differnt IP changers you can download. It makes your IP address look like it's in the UK This will allow you to watch online for free right after each episode airs. If your savvy enough, you can just hook your computer up to your TV and watch it on the big screen without the dreaded US wait!

Joanne Maura

I think they're still trying to get back at us for the American Revolution??? lol

Ted Holland

The AGONY of having to wait until January!!!!!

nonmember avatar tina lofty

Try GRABOID,you have to pay but it is worth it than waiting till 2014.

Paula Curtis-Burn

So many shows in Europe are "copied" from the US but this is UK's original and a hit. Letting Britain watch first seems to be good manners worthy of Downton.

Linda Prouty

Could we, in America, dress appropriately and sit at the table with our British family and enjoy the feast of Downton Abbey Season 4 together?

nonmember avatar jessica gerard

Wouldn't it be great drama if Lady Edith becomes involved with the "charming black musician"!!! And to think we have to wait until January before we see it in the U.S.

nonmember avatar Em

Jack Ross is a muscian, so I expect he'll be playing at some London club like we saw in Season 3. I think Rose might get romantically attached to him and bring some more drama to the family, being the "trouble maker" that she is.

nonmember avatar Janis

Because the program is English and therefore it should be shown there first!!

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