Emily Maynard’s Ex Jef Holm Reveals Shocking Reason They Broke Up

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emily maynard jef holmRemember when that guy with the rockabilly hair and the skateboard came wheeling into our lives during Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette? Well, Jef Holm is still around, believe it or not, and still talking. When he's not Instagraming about his future kids or tweeting at Bachelor Sean Lowe, Jef's happy to talk about the girl he dated for a few months. In an exclusive interview with WetPaint, Jef reveals that he and Emily didn't work out because they "wanted different things."

He was so gracious as to add that Emily's a "great girl."

Wait. WaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitWAIT. Are you telling me that their shared desire to be reality TV stars wasn't enough to keep them together? That their love of the spotlight wasn't the thread that kept their fabric of love woven without break? That Emily, a single mom from the South, wanted something different than Jef, a Mormon from Utah? That Jef, a traveling entrepreneur with a skateboard, wanted something different than Emily, a settled woman with a child-safe car in North Carolina?

Knock me over with a feather.

Part of the reason Emily's season was so boring and so dull was because no one wanted the same things as her. Sure, everyone said they were there for the right reasons, but please, they all wanted their 15 minutes and a chance at their own spin at being the Bachelor. They definitely weren't there to wife up, then retire to a normal life in the suburbs of Charlotte.

Jef just needs to go away already. Now that Bachelor Pad has been cancelled, what's he hanging around for, anyway?

Does Jef's comment about them "wanting different things" annoy you?


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nonmember avatar JEM fan

No, his comment doesn't annoy me. It's what everybody says when they break up and means nothing. Both Jef and Emily have been consistent and classy in supporting each other and not talking about the specifics of the break up. That is between them and good for them for not revealing what is a very personal decision. I love that they are still friendly and still care for one another. That's all we can ask for. And Jef is still in the tabloids because you are still writing articles on him ... because you know that he still has a ton of fans who follow him and support him and his business endeavors. And why not? He's one of the more interesting people to be on the show!!!

Deborah J Butler Szumski

YES...that is what they should learn on the show.."what they want and expect out of life" Was someone not listening??

nonmember avatar Gail Carpenter

No it does not annoy me, you annoy me. I didn't like Emily the first time and she even phonier the 2nd time.

nonmember avatar Susannah

Just what is it that Emily wants? Is she interested in fame or fortune? or something else?

Shannon Dumont

omg why did they cancel bachelor pad i loved that show

nonmember avatar Stephanie

yes we're tired of them both

nonmember avatar Wisteria

Yes, kinda. Don't wanna try to be an expert here but I wasn't confident about this couple at all in the first place. They are both too well-spoken and political that you cannot tell if what they're saying is real. Jef is cool but he's obviously not ready for commitment at all, and Emily is just princessy.

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