Farrah Abraham’s Alleged Sex Tape Partner Is WHO?!!

Farrah AbrahamYesterday the is-this-really-all-that-surprising news broke that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham may have a sex tape. The 30-minute flick, which Abraham claims to know nothing about, is reportedly being shopped around to prominent porn companies. But this juicy news gets even better because now, Farrah's "partner" is speaking out. Christian Grey wannabe James Deen himself. SERIOUSLY.

According to Deen, the couple allegedly got tested on Friday, shot the tape this past Sunday, and it's not even edited yet. "Word travels fast," he jested. Addressing rumors that the tape was filmed with someone Farrah's in a relationship with, Deen said, "We're definitely not dating."

Well ... um ... this is interesting. Since Teen Mom was cancelled last year, Farrah's done her fair share of random crap to stay in the spotlight. Most recently, the 20-year-old mother got a DUI, which she claimed was just a whole lot of "drama." Now this? Seems like someone's going off the deep end.

When situations like this come up, my biggest piece of advice for celebs (because we're all, like, besties) is to step out of the spotlight for a while. Staying to herself and trying to avoid the press will help the negativity diffuse over time. Heck, she can't really want everyone saying such nasty things about her, could she? Is she that delusional at this point? God I hope not.

Besides, I genuinely believe that Farrah wants what is best for her daughter, and this TOTALLY isn't it. Whether or not this film really exists (I have an inkling it does), this isn't the kind of thing you wanna find out your mom did one day. Not for me, anyway.

Sigh. It'll be interesting to see what Farrah says now that Deen has released these comments. Her mom's saying that her daughter's not the kind of girl to do something like this, she wasn't brought up this way, and there's no way this is all true. Only time will tell, I suppose. In the meanwhile, I'm LOVING all the speculation.

Do you think Farrah's sex tape is real? Do you believe Deen's comments?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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I can see her ribs literally.

Sierr... SierraLynn

Lmao. Thats hilarious.

ollie... olliespunkma

she looks like a dumb whore in that picture

lalab... lalaboosh

If that's a modeling shot I can see why she's not a success... Modeling takes more than a pretty face, you have to pose...

choff... choff2685

*yanw*she needs to go back to school and get an education and grow up

Alexandria Stayner

That is not being a good role model for her little girl.

Vegeta Vegeta

A Girls head on a corpses body...

Carolyn Hurley

wow! the jealousy is unreal....wow

nonmember avatar Joe Grell

She is not attractive! Anyone can get implants and think they are all that. MTV is turning into TLC, giving people money for being total POS.

nonmember avatar bobby

I'd eat that like it was my last meal. that pose is just waiting for my face to fall in.

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