Lisa Vanderpump Faints in 'DWTS' Practice -- We Predict an Elimination!

Lisa VanderpumpFirst Real Housewives star Lisa Vanderpump is getting black and blues from Dancing With the Stars rehearsals. Now, she's blacking out. Vanderpump revealed that she fainted at dance practice last week while practicing the cha cha with partner Gleb Savchenko.

"Suddenly I just blacked out ... I was in shock when I woke up," the Housewife writes on her People blog.

Well yeah -- it's a scary thing. Doctors told Vanderpump that she had a viral infection with a fever and swollen glands, was experiencing low blood pressure and a rapid heart rate, and that is why she fainted.

The way I see it, the woman's draining herself to the bone. Heck, she took a red eye flight and then headed straight to six hours of dance practice! If she continues going at this pace, there's no doubt in my mind she's going to get eliminated.

Lisa just clearly isn't taking care of herself like she should be. Taking quick flights from coast to coast, running to do talk show appearances, then jumping straight into hours and hours of rehearsals just isn't healthy. If she doesn't take care of her body, she's not going to be able to keep up with the demands that go along with this gig.

Without a doubt, I think her exhaustion is going to start taking a toll on her performances. There's no way the reality star can give it 100 percent at this pace. Soon, she'll get the kind of low scores that will send her home. You know what? I don't think that's such a bad idea. Winning shouldn't be her main priority, her health should be.

Do you think Lisa's overdoing it?


Image via ABC

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nonmember avatar sara

Shes doing amazing im 30 and could not do what shes doing i am a fan

nonmember avatar Diane

She is unbelievable! I could not keep up with her! I would love to know how much weight she has lost in this non stop endeavor, running restaurants, commercials, Housewives, dancing rehearsals, makes me exhausted just thinking of it not to mention the travel time!

Cheryl Legnosky Dorman

Why is she flying coast to coast?  I thought both DWTS and her reality shows were filmed in LA area?

Dana Bell

really hope she gets booted from the show. She can't dance worth shit and her Real house wife Show sucks.

Evelyn Kiefer

I know she won't win the ball but I would like her to stay a little longer.  She has a lot of class and elegance.  I really like her.


Barbara Romaine

a shame if she was injured, but lose her and that dog

Debbie Bloom

I thought the faint was staged. She held onto her partner's hand until she hit the floor and her partner didn't look around for help. She knows she's always in the bottom two, even when she danced a little better last week, and she doesn't want to face being voted off. She's a snob who's used to getting what she wants. I hope she gets voted off tonight before she can take herself out of the contest.

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