‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Husband Pleads Guilty to Battery of Their Unborn Baby

jenelle evansWhat do you get when Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and her husband Courtland Rogers go to court? A whole lot of drama. The reality star went to a hearing in a Brunswick County, North Carolina courtroom today to support her on-again, off-again, on-again husband, who pleaded guilty to one count of assault on a female and one count of battery on an unborn child.

Courtland was sentenced to 24 months probation, and according a source who spoke to E!, he's happy to put the whole thing behind him.

I ... I am so confused. Let me get this straight. Jenelle gets pregnant with Courtland's baby, they get married, he abuses her (and the unborn child), she has a miscarriage, she leaves him in the middle of the night, er, something, and gets back together with an ex, he goes back to his ex, Tiffany, Jenelle presses charges against him alleging abuse, then she tries to retract those allegations, then they get back together, and now he's just pleaded guilty to battery.

And honestly, that's not the half of it. Courtland was also accused of selling stories that defamed Jenelle, and Jenelle had been accused of faking her pregnancy for attention and money.

But listen. The fact that Courtland pleaded guilty to battery against an unborn baby makes me assume, naturally, that Jenelle really was pregnant and really did have a miscarriage. But I'm taking all this with a grain of salt.

Would I put it past these two to take the pregnancy lie so far that Courtland would be forced to admit to abusing an unborn child lest the truth be discovered? No, no I wouldn't.

But if lies designed to win them fame and a bigger paycheck are resulting in excess battery charges, they made need to rethink their strategy.

Are you surprised Courtland pleaded guilty to one count of battery against an unborn child?


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Erinly Erinly

So you get in trouble legally for the "battery of an unborn child", yet you can walk right into a clinic and have your unborn child murdered and it's no big deal. 

Krystal Marie

To be charged with battery on an unborn child, I believe there has to be medical proof of the pregnancy, whether medical records stating she had a miscarriage therefore proving there was a child or gynecological visits where a pregnancy is documented.

jessa... jessasmamma

I knew someone would try to make this about abortion somehow..

Because someone abusing you and you making a CONSCIOUS DECISION ABOUT YOUR OWN LIFE, BODY, ETC. is the same thing, right? Geez.

Mandy Swanda

They wouldn't charge him with battery of the unborn if there was not proof it existed.

Erinly Erinly

I don't think people ask to be abused anymore than an unborn baby asks to be killed.

Katy Khan

Erinly,  this story is not about abortion...take your agenda elsewhere.

Erinly Erinly

I really have no agenda; I understand that, as it stands, women have the right to do what they want with their unborn babies. I just find it interesting that someone can face charges for battery of an unborn child when abortion is no big deal. Jessasmamma and katy are the ones who are getting all hot and bothered by my comment. 

nonmember avatar Lee

There is no helping her...

nonmember avatar Seena

Erinly you most definitely have an agenda when you use language like you did in your first two posts.

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