‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe’s Parents May Love Catherine Giudici More Than He Does

sean and catherineWe all know that you don't just marry the man, you marry his whole entire family. The Bachelor winner Catherine Giudici is certainly hip to that notion. She has been dutifully playing the part of the eager daughter-in-law-to-be for Sean Lowe's folks, but all that effort may not actually pay off.

Every wife has been there. After you fall in love with a guy and you start talking marriage, then comes the real test -- can you tolerate his family? If you are lucky, you gel with his clan instantly. But if you are like the other 99 percent of us, it takes some serious work.

Well, it seems that Catherine is putting in plenty of man hours trying to ensure the Lowes love her as much as she desperately wants them to. Sean's family has been coming into town to see his Dancing With the Stars performances and she has been right by their side. It's working. They love her and already treat her like "a daughter," according to Sean.

However, while they have warmed up to her, his affections have clearly cooled. Asked about a wedding timeline, he said he would think about it after DWTS was over. Hmm. And the paso doble is more important than picking a wedding date? He hasn't even given any thought to who his best man will be or whether or not he'll give a speech at the reception. What happened to that uber romantic guy that did nothing but dream about his wedding to the woman of his dreams?

From many reports, it seems like Sean isn't the same guy who got down on bended knee and proposed during the season finale. So Catherine may be winning over his family, but I have to wonder if she's losing Sean.

Do you think Sean is already bored of their romance?


Image via ABC

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LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

She needs to lose Sean already! She could do better.

nonmember avatar James Powell

I never thought Catherine was the best choice for Sean. Too many cultural differences and aspirations. Sean wants a family, she does not seem interested in children. He wants to settle down, she dreams of living in New York. I do not beleive they will make it to the altar.

nonmember avatar chrisssy

leave them alone already and above all STOP with all the negativity! Its really not becoming and comes off more like jealousy.

Debbie Crooks

TV and trying to claim fame ruins couples! He is not even a star and isn't the called "Dancing with the Stars?" The limelight is more important that "to get to a normal" life he kept saying while on the show

MaryAnn Remillard

What a bunch of gossip mongers who think they know about other peoples lives. The author of this article loves to stir the pot and cause problems where there are none. How much do you get paid for this BS.? Get a real job and a life too.

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