Sean Lowe Denies Break-Up Rumors in the Most Unconvincing Way

Well, it's no surprise the rumors are already swirling about Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici. Haven't you heard the latest? They're breaking up, fighting, spending time apart, blah blah blah. You know the drill.

This was bound to happen. It always does. But usually, the couple tries to defend their love for as long as humanly possible. Fast forward a couple of Us Weekly covers later, and boom. They're done for good.

Right now we're still in the phase where the couple tries to defend themselves. But Sean? Eh, not so much. You see, he did try to deny the break-up rumors but ... let's just say he's doing a really bad job at it.

When asked about the reports claiming the newly engaged couple is unhappy, Sean confessed ...

It's all fictitious, for the most part. So I just laugh it off.

And the award for the most confusing sentence ever goes to ... SEAN LOWE! Congrats, Sean. You've managed to deny and confirm break-up rumors in one measly response.

I mean, "for the most part"? What the hell is that about? What is he hiding in that little bleached blonde head of his? He's obviously implying that some of the rumors are true then, isn't he? Or else his response would have been "It's all fictitious. Every single damn part is fictitious."

I mean, the media is just beating his relationship to the ground lately. I would have expected a much stronger response from him. I'm just not buying it. And I'd be on board to try to believe in these two if they actually put in a little effort to convince me. But eh, I've just lost it for these guys. 

I give it two more weeks.

Do you think Sean and Catherine will last?

Image via ABC

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Linda Ortiz

No she is not ready for babies, and he was to start a family soon, see is a free spirt...

Dee Newberry Hull


nonmember avatar Dee

It won't last! The odds are AGAINST all of these couple from the VERY beginning! I can only think of THREE couples that have ever made it past the "final rose".

Deanna Epstein

i like sean and don't i
know why that keep this up about sean & cathine. i know that itis not true what they are saysing about them

Melanie Dooley

Actually, Dee it's only two couples who made it past the final rose-  The third couple you are referring to is Molly and Jason and Jason did not pick Molly at the time of the final rose.  On the "After The Final Rose" show he officially broke up with his chosen one and eventually married Molly ( I believe she was the "runner-up" on the show) .

Melanie Dooley

P.S. Media: PLEASE leave Sean and Catherine alone !!!!

Missey Cutler Sissy Ogg

If people would leave them the heck alone they would do just fine !!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar olly

Jesus I have no idea why like you and other tabloids keep doing this kind of write ups. How many tabloids has been released and talking shits about these 2 people. I mean why not just leave these 2 people alone and let them do their thing and handle what they have. I personally hate reality tv but sometimes just because you can't be happy of who this person have chosen you keep creating shits about them. For me basically if we were in their shoes and all these fictitious writings going on and a lot of hatred write ups are coming up between them because like you you wanna do everything to succeed about your motives in writing something like this. I don't care who are you but I think let's give respect to them because you are too harsh about them anyway. We are all humans and have feelings . So I think not cool to keep saying this shit to these people. My advice is leave them alone. Let them handle their life . At the end of the day "we are not in their shoes" and no matter what is coming out to their mouth you won't believed it because you want something that something that you can't have it". Don't be judgmental. It's their own life. Let them handle their life. Not your damn business.

Terry Lynn Taylor

The media  needs to leave them alone. He made a Big Mistake doing Dancing with the Stars. should just take her to  aPrivate place and let their relationship grow. too much spotlight. get off the public Wagon You two.

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