Kim Kardashian Bashed in a Song by Her Ex That Humiliates Them Both (LISTEN)

kim kardashianRay J's latest attack on Kim Kardashian is just plain pitiful. Not long ago, he dissed the reality star during an interview, but it seems that wasn't enough. Now the wannabe pop star is going after her in his new single "I Hit It First." If the title isn't enough of a clue, it's about his sexual escapades with Kim, and the lyrics are completely lurid and disrespectful.

The lyics surely to send Kim and baby daddy Kanye West through the roof?

She might move on to rappers and ball players/But we all know I hit it first ... Hit it from north/Brought her head down south/Now that I'm finished/She's on to Mr. West.

Ugh. I am sure Kim would like to erase her entire, sordid, sex-tape-filled relationship with Ray J. Though he on the other hand is so desperate to be relevant again, he is using their past to propel his career forward. It's just pathetic, if you ask me.

Take a listen for yourself:

You know, I almost feel sorry for him. It seems that the only thing he has ever done worth remembering is dating Kim. Can you imagine if you had to keep reminding the world that you had sex with a particular person in order to remain "important." It's pretty sad. There certainly used to be some legitimate talent there. He has a resume filled with recurring roles on television series and bit parts in various movies over the years. He was even the star of his own dating reality show. But I guess nothing gets him as much attention as once having been with a Kardashian.

Doesn't he have any pride? I mean, Kim is pregnant and totally consumed by her new life now. She has much more important things going on in her life. Kim's clearly moved on. Why can't he?

What do you think of Ray J's new song?


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Say_i... Say_im_a_bird

You have the lyrics wrong..... But anyways now he's claiming the song isn't about her! Haha haha yeah right... Smh.

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

Her ass went down south....lyric correction.

mleil... mleilanim

Just when I thought she couldn't have picked anyone worse than KWest.....proven wrong again.

nonmember avatar bondo33

Im sure he wasn't the first to "HIT IT!" lol

Lori Pasquale

Wow Really Ray J he really need to get over it....

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