‘Real Housewives’ Porsha Williams’ Ugly Divorce Details Reveal It’s Worse Than We Thought

porsha and kordellThe divorce battle between Porsha Stewart and husband Kordell Stewart is getting nastier by the day. It's bad enough that The Real Housewives of Atlanta star felt totally blindsided by the divorce filing, now her soon-to-be ex is slamming her reputation and has plans to leave her penniless.

Porsha filed a motion stating that Kordell had locked her out of the home. However, he claimed that she was out extremely late again and he had just locked up the house for security. She also accused him of having "another woman" in her house, but he shot back it was because the hard-partying Porsha was so neglectful of her stepson that he had to hire a nanny. Not only that, the former football star asked that her request for financial support be denied. That must be a huge blow to the self-professed "trophy wife."

It was obvious that Kordell was the bread winner in that household. In fact, he made it clear that he expected Porsha to stay home and raise their future kids. He wouldn't even entertain the idea of having a nanny so that she could work part-time. To be honest, he didn’t treat her with much respect even when they were supposedly “blissfully wed.” So I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised about the way he is treating her now that he doesn't want her anymore.

You can't help but feel sorry for Porsha. If Kordell is to be believed, she's nothing more than a wild, neglectful trollop. Anyone who watched Real Housewives knows that she tried to fit into his definition of a "good wife," even refusing to party with the other castmates in Las Vegas. Only problem is, what he wanted was a pretty mannequin that never actually spoke her mind. Poor Porsha.

Do you feel bad for Porsha? Or do you think Kordell is right?


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LeeshaE LeeshaE

I feel for the gal but this is why I would never quit my job. I am glad though that the divorce is getting some publicity as it could serve as a warning to many woman. When 50% of marriages end in divorce you have to look out for yourself but hey maybe that's why I'm not married.

nonmember avatar marge

Well, I feel sorry for her in a way she was trying to be a good house wife. Its always better to make your own money,........just in case

ltc9958 ltc9958

I'm confused as to why she is expected to be taking care of her STEP son now that there's a divorce. Shouldn't his father be taking care of him?

Cynthia C C Payne

Wouldn't it be a hoot if Porsha got a TV deal to cover her expenses and Kordell ended up just another brokedown unemployable exfootball player. Fate & Karma could do some damage to his self righteous A$$!

nonmember avatar Pat

Kordell is disgusting. He always treated her like she was his property not his partner. Portia should not just walk, she should run from that male chauvinist pig, but not until she drains his bank account. GO PORTIA

nonmember avatar PLAYNOGAMES

I feel bad for Porsha, but the ladies tried to warn her. She wanted to be a "trophy" wife, but did she realize that there is usually a new "trophy" given yearly? He IS an EX fotball player for Christ sake!!!

nonmember avatar Abby

Porche is the most conceited, arrogant, shrill little person I have ever seen. I can not stand her. There are very few people I feel that way about. Kordell may not be right either but I couldnt stand 5 minutes with that woman. Sorry.

nonmember avatar Tawnya

I feel bad for Porsha she is to good of a woman for Kordell he needs a dog just like his self to have another woman in her house that is real real low down.He might have to cross that bridge again what he dose not know.

nonmember avatar Fran

Kordell's got attitude problems. I think Porsha should get a minimum of the house and $2M for having to put up with Kordell and his son. And what's wrong with his real "baby mama." Why couldn't she have taken care of her own son.

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