Miley Cyrus Smokes a Funny-Looking Cigarette in Broad Daylight (PHOTO)

miley cyrusMiley Cyrus, wearer of short blond hair, has been photographed doing something suspicious. No, she's not robbing a bank or choking a puppy in the pic, but Miley Cyrus is smoking something that might not be a cigarette. It might be. But also, it might not be.

Miley was hanging out on the balcony of her Miami hotel a few days ago when she decided to unwind from what we can only imagine is a hectic schedule of grocery shopping, straightening up around the house, and balancing the checkbook by inhaling something smokey. Can we say for sure that Miley was, in fact, smoking marijuana? Legally, no. But we can say that judging by the way Miley's holding the "cigarette" and the color of it, it sure looks like it! But again, this is all just speculation.

Miley is one of many celebs to get caught up in a possible marijuana controversy recently. Things are just settling down now for Justin Bieber and Weedgate 2013, and Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart, and Charlize Theron have all been involved in pot scandals of their own.

Is marijuana a heinous crime that ought to condemn a celebrity and rob them of their fame? Hell no it shouldn't! But that shit is technically illegal. And there's paparazzi everywhere. No, seriously, everywhere. Look behind you right now. Snap! Snap! Snap! Busted.

So, celebs, if you're going to engage in something that may cause a stir, like weed or nudity or affairs, for god's sake, do it in the privacy of your own home. And have the windows drawn and the doors locked. And even then I'd be careful.

What do you think Miley's smoking?

Image via Pacific Coast News

miley cyrus


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schlis schlis

Oh PLEASE! The eyes, the slouched shoulders, the huge puff of smoke.... that's POT. Come on now, there's no question about it.

nonmember avatar beth

Whatever. It could be pot or it could be that she rolls her own cigarettes. I went to school with a girl who HATED "dry, yukky" tobacco and filters. She always rolled her own.

nonmember avatar gamermama

Who cares? It's just pot. If it was meth or heroin, then I can see why that might cause a scandalous uproar. But a joint? Seriously people?

Scrlt... ScrltBegonia

Go Miley! The more who flaunt it in the face of oppression the sooner it will be legal. No scandal here. She is standing up for a good cause. I respect her a bit more now.

nonmember avatar sara

Who cares we all it or have done it leave her be

micha... michaelsmom2012

These photos are always horribly shot. Can't tell cause the paparazzi who took the pic is too cheap to buy a good camera. For all we know it is a swisher sweet.

gamer... gamermom81

she could easily ckaim stress and get a medical marijuana card...its federally illegal bit state legal in cali

gamer... gamermom81

ack typos, sorry typing on phone

nonmember avatar DM

This girl is smoking more than pot, but then Whitney Houston smoked her pot with cocaine, you never know.

nonmember avatar slim

who cares what shes smoking, who is it hurting if it is marijuana. people really have nothing better to do than look at celeb pictures and try to speculate the whos, whats and whys and judge them when they dont even know them. people need to quit idolizing celebrities, theyre just people like us...just richer and famous. its not like theyre god. hell, imo id rather see anyone smoking a joint than getting wasted. alccohol is more damaging than pot in sooooo many ways its not even funny, and yet alcohol is legal....and ruins peoples lives on a daily basis. and yet pot can help save a life and its illegal. ass backward country we live in here.

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