'Kourtney & Kim Take Miami' Finale Recap: Kim's Pregnancy Gave Her an Easy Out

Kim KardashianTalk about timing. After Kim Kardashian hired a private investigator to follow Scott Disick, he and Kourtney were furious with her. Then Kim dropped her pregnancy bombshell on tonight's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, and she was immediately forgiven. One minute they were calling what she did unforgivable and kicking her out of the house, and the next they were making her smoothies and shedding tears of happiness for her. 

The private eye didn't even seem to find out much on Scott beyond pictures of him out wasted at nightclubs, which was no surprise. Kourtney uncovered a bigger secret about him with just her white t-shirt -- that he wears tinted moisturizer. Still, it was the act of betrayal, and they had a right to be pissed at Kim. "This is an all-time low," Scott said.

Then Kim called Kourtney in the middle of the night with a medical emergency, and everything changed.

Kourtney didn't hesitate in going to get Kim immediately, and was blown away when Kim told her the big news -- that she was one month pregnant. She took her to the hospital where they found that she had a cyst on her ovary that burst. Fortunately, she and the baby were both fine.

Then it was time for Kim to tell Khloe her big news. She was understandably nervous as she wanted to be sensitive to the fact that Khloe has been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for some time now. Khloe took the news amazingly well, offering congratulations and saying things like "the more babies, the better" and "your ass is going to be so big". But you could also sense a sadness there, no matter how happy she was for Kim.

At that point Scott didn't know and was still pissed at Kim, not even wanting her in the house when he was there. Then Kim told him what was going on -- and somehow tried to blame the hiring of the P.I. on her pregnancy -- and it worked. Scott might actually be more excited about Kim's baby than any of them. "Hip hop royalty forever," he proclaimed. When Kim voiced concern about still being married to someone else, he said, "So what, that's paperwork. That's not your heart."

And that was a wrap for this season of KKTM. It seemed like a short one, no? So no more Kardashians to fill our Sunday nights for awhile. Season 8 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians premieres June 2. Until then ... 

Do you think Kim's family seemed shocked by her news?


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headi... headingsouth13

the whole thing is just a train wrack going in slow motion

Texas... TexasGirl512

Wow, Julie. Your article actually makes it seem like this crap is real. It's a scripted reality show; the epitome of an oxymoron. I'll be glad when these parasites are off the air.

Sweet... SweetPieMama24

Yeah I stopped watching that show about 4 seasons ago. I watched it for the humor - but now it's just so obnoxious & this family is way too into themselves thinking they're hot sh*t - it's obviously scripted to the point that Kim's acting is horrendous & you can tell she just memorized the script. I have no sympathy for her & her pregnancy quite honestly. She's still married & using that as an excuse for anything.

nonmember avatar Hannah

Even though it is filled with drama most of the time, it is a really good show. I watch it sometimes when I have nothing else to do. I am so excited for Kim! She will be a great mother! I am also glad that they forgave one another.

nonmember avatar Setra

This was a very interesting finale. I thought Kim took it too far when she hired a private investigator to spy on Scott. I did enjoy her pregnancy announcement this episode though. I was commuting home from work at DISH when this was on but there was no way I was going to miss it. I watched during my train ride on my phone with the DISH Anywhere app. This app allows me to watch live and recorded shows while I’m away from home.

nonmember avatar Regina

Anyone know what Kourtney was putting in the smoothie? Was in a plastic bottle - some kind of red label...looked like a liquid?

nonmember avatar HK

Regina - I am guessing it was Rosewater (Heritage brand)

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