'RHOA' Season 5 Reunion Part 1 Recap: Kenya Moore Fans the Flames

Kenya MooreSo, big surprise, after a season that was all about Gone-With-the-Wind-Fabulous Kenya Moore, tonight's first installment of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion was ... all about Kenya Moore. Well, Kenya Moore and her ridiculous fan, that is.

She whipped that thing out and dramatically fanned herself all night long as she fanned the flames of all of the feuds she battled this season. It was irritating, odd, and all for show -- just like Kenya.

Her primary targets were Porsha Stewart and Phaedra Parks, who, according to Kenya, were both only relevant this season because of her.

Porsha seemed stumped as to why Kenya hated her from the get-go and chalked it up to jealousy. Kenya mocked her, told her she'd never want a marriage like Porsha's, and said Porsha's "whole existence on the show has been about me." Hello, ego. 

She refused to apologize for kicking her out of her party and said the only mistake she made was inviting Porsha in the first place. Then it was fan, fan, fan. Interestingly enough, Porsha totally defended her husband Kordell Stewart, who we now know filed for divorce just days after the reunion was filmed. When asked about him standing up for her at Kenya's party, she said, "My husband is always gonna defend his wife." 

Then it was on to the battle of the booty workout videos. Kenya claimed her stallion booty video was doing better than Phaedra's donkey booty video, but she had no real proof. They bickered a bit more over what went down, with Phaedra again accusing her of having a silicon ass, and Kenya calling Phaedra "an evil little devil." Things escalated from there. 

"You weren't even relevant before I came on the show, " Kenya told Phaedra. Phaedra shot back telling her no one even knows who she is with her fake boyfriend, fake house, and fake whatever else. But when she called her Silicon Barbie, Kenya took that as a compliment. "Call me Silicone Barbie, because I will be Barbie all day long." 

Kenya called Phaedra overweight and accused her of fighting dirty and going for the jugular. After Phaedra told her she'd need more than a fan if she was going to fight her, Kenya told Phaedra, "Don't be disrespectful because you will be picking your teeth up from the floor, pregnant and all." Classy.

I thought maybe during the reunion we'd see a different side of Kenya, perhaps one that's not crazy and completely irritating. But nope, I think she did what I didn't think possible -- she made us loathe her more.

There are two more parts of this reunion, and I'm not sure what we're in store for. Previews show Kim Zolciak making an appearance next week in a gravity-defying dress, which should definitely make for an interesting time.

What did you think of Kenya's fan?


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Cathy Grondy

It seemed to me at all the focus was on Kenya. Left a nasty taste in my mouth.

Susie Tracy-Bettencourt

I am so over the whole Kenya thing...ready for her to be "booted" off the show!

nonmember avatar RealTalk

No matter what Julie Evans or anybody else thinks, I like Kenya and think she's been the target of abuse on the show since the beginning, because they're all jealous of her.

Nene, because she is no longer the center of attention; Cynthia, because she is no longer the prettiest; Kandi and Phaedra, because are both boring and unintelligent compared to Kenya (not to mention short and fat) and Porsha becasue she always wanted to be a beauty queen like Kenya.

The only thing is I wish Kenya wouldn't let them know their "mean girl" actions bother her so much, because they're feeding off of that. Kenya, just ignore the haters...you're the baddest and they know it!!!

nonmember avatar Sheryal

Kenya Moore definitely showed us again how crazy she really is! She is a joke and NOT relevant. That fan was soo stupid!! She is always painful to watch!!! It is obvious why no man has ever chosen to saddle himself with that hot mess! She is mean, vindictive and incredibly selfish.

nonmember avatar georgia peach

Kenya is a liar. She is disrespectful and A disgrace to her crown and/or title. She has a huge ego. I wish they would remove her from the show.

nonmember avatar mel

Oh I thought it was beyonce at first glance ! LOL

nonmember avatar Kiddy

How is Kandi unintelligent compared to a kenya moore? Do you know who kandi buress is? Grammy award winner, producer, top selling artist, writer, composer the list goes on..one word MULTI-TALENTED.. Or is that two words. Phaedra is a licensed attorney/ buisness woman she has to have some level of intelligence that surpasses the beauty queen.
Im on the fence with phadra but i can tolerate her antics better than Kenya. Cynthia is Gorgeous Aged Well, in my opinon shes more attractive than Kenya. Cynthia has brains and knows how to articulate and carry her self well. Porcha is young maybe to her disadvantage.. I acually think porcha is very attractive. Kenya well idk she just does not do it for me like the 90s is over Im over her. I acually googled her few years ago wondering what projects she was on. I was excitied to see her join the cast, however her attitude and nasty ways are ridiculous. Nene is Nene shes the Queen. If this were an act like phaedra implied i give Kenya a Grammy and send her back to hollywood. I wont write her off there is redemption if shes on the next season.

nonmember avatar Team Fair

@RealTalk –

I like Kenya has well; for, some reason, she doesn't bother me. However, when you talk about NeNe and Cynthia I disagree with your assessment of those two HW regarding their relationship with Kenya. NeNe never really had beef with Kenya. As a matter of fact, NeNe always attempted to help her. Now, as far as Cynthia, she really attempted to be Kenya’s friends with her, which is good after those shenanigans Kenya pulled at the JET magazine Beauty of the Week call. and be her friend after that "cold call" with JET magazine during the show.

@ georgia peach –

You called Kenya a liar. Please let me know when she lied. I watched every episode; and I do not remember when Kenya lied about an issue or on a person. Again, let’s be more specific especially when you called someone a liar. Again, provide details!

nonmember avatar Angie

"RealTalk" comment is Kenya definetely.

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