'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Kailyn Is Making a Very Selfish Decision

Teen Mom 2Teen Mom 2 is infamous for bringing the drama. Tonight's episode was less dramatic and more just odd. Between Leah asking Corey for more child support (and getting it) and Kailyn deciding to move out of state with Isaac without even telling Jo she is getting married, tonight's show presented us with a number of situations for which there is no right answer.

It seems like we often end up saying the boys on these shows are bad because, in many cases, they are. But that isn't always true. Jo has been a very devoted dad. So has Corey. And they are both getting the shaft.

I don't pretend to know how frustrating and complicated it is to share a child with a person you no longer love. And I don't pretend to have a solution to Kailyn or Leah's problem. But I also feel really bad for those boys.

How is it fair that Jo and Corey have almost no say in their own lives? How is it fair that Kailyn can just move Isaac away to be with her boyfriend/husband and barely even have to tell Jo?

Leah and her husband make three times what Corey does (or so he keeps saying), so how is it at all fair that she can get so much more money? Child support seems like an incredibly unfair calculation that doesn't take realistic living expenses into account and doesn't count the income and any stepparents. How is that fair?

I genuinely feel like Corey is a good dad and I genuinely feel like he is getting hosed by the child support agreement.

For all the many ways that the girls get screwed on this show -- and there are many -- it's not just them. Sure, Jenelle and Chelsea were left holding the bag (er, baby) when their ne'er-do-well boyfriends split. And sure, that's the cliche. We see it time and again on 16 & Pregnant. It's a real thing.

But it's also true that some boys who want to be involved get screwed as well. I have no idea whether Ali and Aleeyah need the money Corey will provide. Maybe they do. Maybe Leah could have just asked Corey and left it alone.

I have no idea if Kailyn really had a choice about leaving the state or not, but to me, it seems like once you make the decision to have a kid with someone, you also agree to stay near them. Period. End of story. Don't like it? Don't have a kid with a person.

Do you think Kailyn should be allowed to move?


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nonmember avatar kaerae

Uh, no, she is not. Jo is a wanna-be rapper stuck in thug life with a girlfriend who tweets about getting high and drunk. He dumps Isaac with his parents and seems totally disinterested in him. Kail is doing the right thing for Isaac. Lots of parents live in different states. Isaac will do great without all the constant back-and-forth and will see his dad for longer blocks of time. Best of luck to Kail and Javi!

Jai Hutto

When it comes to Leah (who, BTW is NOT my favorite person) if the state says that she is supposed to get that amount in child support then that's what she's supposed to get. If Corey didn't want to pay child support then he should have put a condom on  when he had sex. 
And as far as moving out of state: When I had my son I made a promise to make sure that HE is taken care of to the best of MY ability. Next month we are moving from Tennessee to Washington state because it is what is best for HE & I. My obligation is to my son, not to his father. (his father didn't even fight for custody when I told him we were moving) 

Sierr... SierraLynn

Its not Kailyn that will be allowed to move, its her son. And Military families do it every day. They make it work, even with a bio parent back in their home state. Its not "moving the child away from his parent". Its moving a family for military orders, not just to keep a child away from their father/mother. She DOES have to tell Jo. He DOES have to give consent, meaning he wont fight it as long as a custody agreement can/will be reached. But he DOES have a say in if his son can move out of state since he is such a huge part of his sons life. Kailyn DOES have a choice. Just because her husband gets orders, doesn't mean that she is 100% obligated to follow. If things dont go well with Jo, she will most likely end up staying put rather then giving Jo custody to be with Javi.  


nonmember avatar angie

I don't think kail is wrong. she doesn't need to stir up drama before she's sure that it will happen. And Leah wasn't the one that made the calculations the court did, I don't believe it's fair for Corey but don't blame Leah for the courts decision. she could have got 1200 but she didn't do that. get off her back.

Stefani Duke

um. Kail has every right to move with her family, which includes Isaac. She is oly obligated to make sure that Jo gets his time with his son. She doesn't HAVE to tell him anything, unless it is stated in their papers. My son's father and I are not together and I am limited to what I can do. However, it doesn't mean that if I need to move to better MY self, which will in turn better my child, then I would be allowed to do so. We wold go to court and it would have to be granted. As far as child support, I don't care if they won the freaking lotto, Corey is still responsible for a percentage of what HE makes. What Leah and Jeremy make has no bearing on what the other parent's financial responsibility is/should be. In Texas, it can be up to 50% of income.
So, unless the author of this article has ever been in this situation, maybe they shouldn't be bashing the girls. Being a single parent is tough. Heck being a parent is tough! But being a co-parent is the hardest job ever! Trust me. I have been doing it for a VERY long time. Mostly alone, as he only 'parents' when it is conveinient for him. And as of this writing, he has 2 warrants for his arrest for DV against me and for child abuse against our son. So, taking the rights of the other parent away, on my terms, to protect my child...hell YES! I will do it every day until they come and force me to do otherwise!

Dewayne Henry

heck no i dont think she should be allowed to move away i honesatly believe kailyn is very much selfish i cringe every time her name shows up on the screen jo is a excellent dad im a father and would fight her to keep my kid near

Dewayne Henry

sounds like a bunch momas that has been burnt put yourself in jos shoes how would you fell if your child was being moved thousands of miles away and you would only get to see theme when it was convient for the other parernt i bet you would have a different tone corys a heck of a dad and should be allowed to make a living also but you all sound so against him what if you worked hard to make a living and some greedy ex took half of your income i bet you would change your mind real quick just shows me you girls are just as bad leah

Texas... TexasGirl512

How can getting married and providing your son with a stable male figure in his life selfish?

hexxuss hexxuss

As you state in the beginning, you can't begin to understand their situations, so don't try & get all high & mighty and pass judgement on them either.  Of course the step-parents are NOT taken into consideration, it's NOT THEIR KID.  Like it or not, facts are facts, the step-parents have no responsibility or obligations to take care of someone else's kid, NOR do they have any rights if the parents die.  Not his kid, not his responsibility.  As for moving that's a civil matter & every state/county has laws on it - if he didn't look it up, the fault is on him.  Most of them require a court order to move, and he could fight it there.  I know first hand how the working thing goes - my ex worked all of 6 months from 1993 - current day - ONLY during the divorce to try & prove he had a stable house.  I got nothing, and asked for nothing in support from him.  HE was abusive in every way possible, and like hell I'd stay 'close' to him - in fact, restraining orders handled that nicely.  Don't make blanket statements when you have no clue what's going on.

nonmember avatar MommaMel

Maybe if you don't understand custody and child support you should keep your mouth shut??? Nothing wrong with moving, Jo will STILL get time with his son, it will be less frequent but longer in duration-it happens ALL THE TIME! He will probably also have court mandated video chats with him every week. She is doing what is right for her family, not being selfish. As for the support, please shut-up while you are ahead. NO child support SHOULD NOT include step-parents, they didn't help make the kid and should not be forced to be financially responsible for them-PERIOD! There is an actual court calculator that figures out BOTH BIOLOGICAL PARENTS percentage that should go towards the kids. Please don't talk about something you have no idea about, it makes you sound ignorant.

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