'Real Housewives' Who Complain About Being on TV Need a Serious Wake Up Call (VIDEO)


gretchen rossiThe Real Housewives are super sad, you guys, and it's all our fault. Many of the franchise's biggest stars were at a Bravo event in New York this week to promote their shows -- Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo were there from New Jersey, Kandi Burress, Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes, and Phaedra Parks were there from Atlanta, Vicki Gunvalson and Gretchen Rossi were there from the O.C. -- but they probably didn't want to be. When a reporter asked them what advice they had for wanna-be reality stars, every single Housewife answered: Don't do it.

Teresa explained:

Don’t do it.  There’s good and bad but if I had to do it all over again, I don’t think I would do it.

Vicki said:

It’s definitely hard.  We’ve all learned to have a little bit of thick skin. I’m still very sensitive.  I get my feelings hurt.  I’ve got my feelings hurt this year. If you like it enough you’ll go back for more.  It’s like a drug.

And Phaedra warned:

Be careful for what you wish for. It’s not what it always seems.

I'm sorry, but I refuse to feel bad for Housewives, or any other reality TV show star for that matter. If you hate it so much, if it's so hard, if you "definitely wouldn't do it again" then STOP DOING IT.

Each Housewife who answered the question, other than Kenya Moore, has been on the show for multiple seasons. Vicki's been on her show for 8 years, for crying out loud.

It's just annoying when people bite the hand that feeds them, as if they're being force-fed. You don't HAVE to go on TV to make a living, you know. There are other pursuits in life than becoming a C-list celebrity with a few tabloid magazine covers about your broken marriage, your weight gain or loss, or your, you know, generally debase behaviour that you've chosen to share with the nation.

There was, however, one person who delivered some sage advise for those who want to be famous for doing nothing. Bravo emperor Andy Cohen said:

I just think if your aspiration is to become a reality star, you need to go to school and get a new aspiration.

Is there a community college in Franklin Lakes? Just wondering.

What do you think of the Housewives' comments?



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Denise Caudill

Well these women and some men come onto these shows knowing that their lives are going to be in the public viewing. I do not feel sorry for them because they dish it out so be able to take it. Love the Housewives shows and my advice to them is; Keep making the shows because you all are very entertaining.


Joanne Hester

I know I have jumped into things in my life and then wondered what am I doing!  Being a reality star I think could be over whelming and they probably didn't understand all they were getting themselves into.. I think Vicky was right this fame thing can be like a drug.  They get paid good to do this, so it would be hard to turn away. I love the shows! Love it better when the ladies get along or work through problems without a lot of back stabbing and mean spirited gossip.

Ij Usoh

I say why not? If these women did not come to reality show they we not be know. It is good to take a risk in and be in the public eyes. The only person that said it right is Andy.

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