Jada Pinkett Smith Finally Opens Up About Her 'Open Marriage' to Will Smith

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Jada and WillJada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith have always been rumored to have an open marriage and now Jada has come clean about the truth during an interview with Huffington Post Live. And what a truth it is. It turns out, they don't exactly have an "open" marriage, but Jada is OK with Will doing what he needs to do so long as it is respectful.

I say good on them. They have longevity, something that is missing in so many Hollywood marriages. They seem happy and like they genuinely enjoy each other and they make their own rules. These are the keys to a good marriage.

Would it work for me? Probably not. I am a jealous type. But far be it from me to say what works for others. Here is what Jada said:

I've always told Will: You can do whatever you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be okay. Because at the end of the day, Will is his own man. I'm here as his partner, but he is his own man. He has to decide who he wants to be and that's not for me to do for him. Or vice versa.

AMEN. If more people said what Jada is saying, there would be a lot less divorce and misery in marriage. This is not for everyone. It is not for me. But what IS for me is allowing my husband some freedom.
I was lucky enough to marry a man who was not jealous and he let me do a lot of exploring. I hung out with friends, some of whom were male. I traveled to visit people and did things on my own for a long, long time.
Because my husband has always respected my individuality and given me freedom, I have always been respectful of our marriage. I know what would hurt him and I don't do those things. Freedom makes a good marriage and everyone has a different point at which they would be hurt.
Love does not mean holding people to archaic rules. Marriage vows are not one size fits all. Sorry. They aren't. Some may want to take traditional vows and have a totally monogamous marriage. That's fine by me. But others may want to be open and welcome in other lovers and whatever else and you know what? That's fine by me, too. It's not my business.
Marriage is whatever two consenting adults say it should be. If they can make it 16 years, why should we question them. Rock on Will and Jada! Keep doing what you are doing!
Do you think "open" marriage is wrong?
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Katy Khan

I don't see how she confirmed that they have an open marriage...sounds like she just confirmed she is laid back with his behavior. 

zandh... zandhmom2

I agree with Katy, I didn't hear where she said that he can sleep with whoever he wants. I think you are reading...projecting...too much into what she said.

Melan... MelanieJK

I don't consider an open marriage a real marriage.    A real marriage is bonded by intimate love that involves physical sex but isn't defined by it.     Intimacy is exclusionary.    If you're having sex with multiple partners you're not intimate with any of them.     

cleig... cleigh717

Im with katy too. She didnt really confirm or deny nething. And she said nothing of her own behavior.

nonmember avatar girlygirl211

This article and the writer's thoughts are ridiculous. Nothing in Jada's comments explicitly said anything about an open marriage. Maybe there's more to the story, but in this little excerpt, there is nothing there about it. I interpreted Jada's comments as a wife wanting to hold her husband accountable for his own decisions; those decisions - good or bad - are on his conscious, not hers. And it's not even about being preachy or judgmental. And seriously, with the whole "open marriage" thing, if you just want to act the same way being married as you did when you were single, why bother getting married?? Just stay singe! Am I missing something??

bills... billsfan1104

I agree with girlygirl. It sounds like she is just saying that he has to live with his choices an she refuses to take blame for it. No where in those comments did it say he can be a freak in the bed other people!!

Stephanie Thames

Did anyone read the 1st paragraph where the writer stated that the open marriage idea has been a rumor surrounding their marriage since forever and Jada is finally addressing said rumor? Girlygirl's comment is dead on regarding what Jada is implying in the highlighted statement. I think this was a well done article.

nonmember avatar Jen

Yes, I think open marriage is wrong. Roger Ebert died yesterday, which is very sad. He credited his wife for his survival after his first brush with esophageal cancer nearly killed him a decade ago. Perhaps if, rather than dedicating her life to being his companion, helping restore his will to live, preparing his meals, and sitting with him through screenings so he could continue his work with the voice box, she had spent those days out having sex with the neighbors, he would not have been around to write his touching tribute to his wife in 2011 titled "I Do Not Fear Death"? An open relationship can never be a romantic story. It is not real love in the fullest sense, period. It is selfishness.

Jennifer Mull

Did you see the actual interview where she said this? She didn't sound at all like she was ok with him doing whatever he liked.... she said it with a lot of controlled emotion and a tinge of pain her voice... like this is something she has had to really work through..... and btw, 15 or 16yrs. is not a long marriage at all... I have seen a quite a few marriages break up after the 25yr mark..... Scary to think that the sad divorce rate in Hollywood would make 15 yrs. seem like a long time. It IS good that they seem to work on a lot of forgiveness... because, yes... forgiveness does help a marriage last longer.... so does fidelity.... just saying.... A marriage isn't supposed to be a freeforall... that is just dating with a marriage certificate... that is not marriage. If we can truly define marriage any old way we want, we are pretty dangerous to society as a whole....

Phoebe Mitchell

Some of you should reread the article, maybe you would have a better understanding of what the writer is saying.

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