Robert Pattinson's 'Foursome' Shouldn't Bother Kristen Stewart

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kristen stewart robert pattinsonAs much as film critics may have questioned it, there does appear to be life after Twilight for Robert Pattinson's career. While it's not gonna win him an Oscar, he's set to appear in a highly anticipated new Dior ad. The same that caused much buzz while it was being shot, because that was back right after Rupertgate 2012. Life & Style says the ad will hit screens and billboards in either May or June, and a Dior insider tells the tabloid, "In one scene, Rob’s shirtless while simulating a foursome with three hot blond models." In another scene, he's "making out with a model in a swimming pool and and he’s seen giving her a blow back with a cigarette at one stage, too." Ooooh, hot!

But apparently, sources are saying that "Kristen will be livid" about the racy campaign. Oh puhhhleeez!

I'm not buying it. She just doesn't seem like the uber-jealous type, and it's not like she doesn't realize that he was acting. That looking incredibly sexy and frollicking with hot models is just part of his career. And if she is going to be "livid," that's nuts, especially considering her own alleged, actual indiscretion!

On the contrary, I would think she'd be proud of her Hottie McHotterson man. And grateful that they're back together and on solid ground in their relationship (it seems). Because to react in any other way would be nothing short of incredibly immature.

As for the public's reaction to the steamy-sounding campaign: OMG. Any Twi-Hard on Team Edward or woman who read Fifty Shades while imagining Rob as Christian Grey is sure to be blown away. And distraught that she's not in Kristen's shoes! After all, she's the one with Rob right now -- not the trio of Dior models. Let's hope ol' KStew realizes how good she's got it, eh?

How do you think Kristen will react to this campaign? Are you psyched for it?


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Debra Anduaga

we will see! was a big Robert Pattinson fan but all this bullshit with Kristen has turn me off but to be fair i have been a Ian Somerhalder fan a little longer and there is no comparison Rob is cute but Ian is mouthwatering!! Rob is a baby, Ian is a man and he has his shit together, he knows where he is going career and personally. So Ian will be more believable as Christian Grey!

nonmember avatar eatme

Jesus, this site...It makes me really really sad that such immature women are mothers. There really ought to be an IQ requirement for breeding.

Beryl Read

She won't be jealous.and Ian somerhalder for Christian grey

TheRe... TheRealSomebody

I have to agree with eatme, although the name he/she wrote really makes her IQ quite questionable.  Rob and Kristen are professional actors this sort of acting does not bother either of them.  As for Debra's comment I do think Ian is hot but in a different way than Rob.  I can assure you that Rob and Ian are not battling each other for the same roles.  Either would be great as Christian Grey,  I am not sure the role will be filled with a well known actor.  We may see a new hottie playing the role of Christian Grey. 

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