NeNe Leakes Gives Porsha Stewart EXACTLY What She Needs During Divorce

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Porsha StewartThere's no two ways about it: Breakups suck. For Real Housewife Porsha Stewart, whose husband Kordell Stewart filed for divorce on March 22, she's in a difficult place. Porsha was reportedly caught completely off guard by the separation and is now struggling to come to terms with what this means for her life.

Lucky for Porsha she's found comfort in her relationship with NeNe Leakes. The Housewives star told E! that Leakes is giving her the sisterhood she needs and encouragement.

And for that, Porsha is lucky. There is no more important tool for a woman scorned by a relationship than her friends, period.

We've all been in a situation similar to Porsha's. When a relationship ends, it often feels like your entire world is crumbling around you. Everything you know, everything you see, it all reminds you of that significant other. You are tempted to pick up the phone and call or text them when you know it isn't the best idea -- and that's where your friends come in.

Being able to call up a girlfriend when you're feeling low and them making themself available to you -- it's a heartwarming feeling. It's not always ragging on the ex with her that makes you feel better, either. Generally, we're all just looking for that someone to make us feel loved and valuable at that moment. 

For Porsha, she finds that outlet in NeNe. That sort of companionship is worth the world.

Do you have a good friend you go to when times get tough? 

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nonmember avatar Michele

Porcia needs her family, not a desperate housewife. That is the whole problem. These women get caught up in these shows and it ruins their lives. Money is not the answer. I hope her and her husband can work it out. They were fine before this show.

Debbie Page Lazzara

Kordell should have married someone hes own age, and with the same values, (It"s not 1950 Kordell)

Patty Padovani

Porsha's better off without that controlling megalomaniac. He's a jackass.

Evelyn Kiefer

Kordell has already said there is nothing to work out.  He is too controlling and only wants his way.  Porsche is better off.

Melan... MelanieJK

I wouldn't want NeNe's marriage anymore than I'd want Porsha's.     I don't want a marriage where either of us bosses the other around and dictates our lives.    If it's not an equal partnership it's not really a partnership.    How you allocate responsibilities and decide things can vary but it has to be by choice not dictate. 

nonmember avatar be truthful

i dont know why we are crucifying this man. men are not always the evil ones( am a woman). yes kordell is old fashioned and so what? porsha with her own words said she agreed to be that type of wife and kordell rewarded her with a lavish lifestyle now porsha got the ring and wants to flip the script and kordell is supposed to fall in line. that is not fair. i dont care what anyone says porsha was wrong and as long as she continues to allow people to crucify this man her karma will continue. good luck to both of them. smh

nonmember avatar Kimara c.

Kordell was very controlling and from what we saw, porsha wasn't allowed to do whatever she wanted. She is a grown woman. Not his child. Nene is not a desperate housewife! She is the bread winner! She is a woman who has shown women that you don't have to follow your mans demands to keep one! I pray that porsha learns to be strong and independent. She is gorgeous! She will get another man!

nonmember avatar Denise Johnston

I think she's better off without the ugly, controlling asshole! Also want to say Kenya would NOT shut her face during part one of the reunion! I almost turned it off. She has the most annoying voice I've ever heard and loves to hear herself mouthe off!!

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