Taylor Lautner’s New Movie Trailer Is Hot but Does He Keep His Shirt On? (VIDEO)


taylor lautnerYou guys, Taylor Lautner finally has a new movie coming out! After watching Kristen Stewart move on from Twilight in On the Road, and Robert Pattinson kill it in arthouse flicks like Cosmopolis and Bel Ami, now it's Taylor's turn to shine. Remember when he was in talks with major indie director Gus Van Sant? I couldn't wait to see what kind of soul-searing, dark, gritty drama he'd show up next. Most importantly, whatever the plot is, surely he is taking off his shirt? That's all that really matters. Well, today is the day. Are you ready to see the trailer for Taylor's next movie?

It's Grown Ups 2, a comedy so niiiice they had to make it twiiiiice. Adam Sandler is married to Salma Hayek, so I'm thinking maybe it's a science fiction/fantasy? Well anyway, I watched and watched and watched, wondering where Taylor finally comes in. And urgh, he's a secondary character! (Nobody puts Taylor in a corner.) Just some frat guy who shows up at a swimming hole.

Oh well, at least he's still traveling with a pack. Speaking of packs, where's that six-pack we all want to see? He spends all five brief seconds of the trailer with his freakin' shirt on! What the hell. Since this is a swimming destination I can only hope that he does take off his shirt at some point. In slow-mo, movie producers. In slow-mo. There's still time to re-shoot if you forgot to do that. I'm not sitting through the whole movie to find out (that's why Jesus gave us Netflix). But if you see Grown Ups 2 this summer and Taylor remains clothed through its entirety, I think you'd better demand your money back.

 Would you see Grown Ups 2 just for Taylor?


Image via Sony Pictures

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Shaunm Shaunm

Hope not :-)

nonmember avatar Shaunm

Hope so. This man is a closet homosexual and dating Robert Pattinson in secret. he should just stay in the kitchen where he rightfully belongs.

nonmember avatar taylor

Cant wait to see it. Taylor Lautner is a great actor, and i think he looks hotter without all the muscles he used to have.

Poppy677 Poppy677

 I can't wait to see this movie!

nonmember avatar Shelby

I hope he really has his shirt off because I'm looking forward to seeing it

Sierra McKellar

it's funny how Taylor is the only one with his shirt on in the trailer

Monique Wiltz

Whether Taylor Lautner is in a movie for 2hrs or 5 min. .....I am going to see it. He is so sexy...........can't wait for him to do more movies.....on his own.

Leah Curtis

Of course I would just see it for Taylor he is like... AMAZING!!

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