'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Puts the Smack Down on Co-Stars Talking Smack

Kailyn LowryIt has to be hard being Kailyn Lowry. Every time the Teen Mom 2 star turns around, someone else is talking smack about her. You could call it the price of fame, but when the smack talk comes from her own co-stars, you can't blame Kail for fighting back.

And boy did she ever. The topic? Kail's supposed pregnancy.


The culprits? 16 & Pregnant star Ashley Salazar and Teen Mom 2 co-star Jenelle Evans.

Both make money by posting to news site Sulia. Both have posted lately about Kailyn supposedly having a bun in the oven, a fact she has NOT confirmed by Kail or husband Javi Marroquin. And both have royally pissed her off. As she said on Twitter this week (before removing her vent from the Internet):

The next teen mom/16 & pregnant girl to post a Sulia link about me is getting blocked.

Bam! You tell 'em girl!

Some have criticized Kailyn for being egotistical in thinking that she can control what her fellow MTV stars say on the Internet. 

I can't help but disagree. If she can't get some back-up from her own co-stars, who can she trust? Aren't these girls supposed to be her friends? Shouldn't they have her back?

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Evans in particular comes off as a hypocrite with her insistence on posting unsubstantiated rumors about her supposed friend. In the past, she's made clear that she has trouble with what's written about her on the Internet, telling The Stir that she takes "cyberbullying" seriously. And this is hardly the first time she's been warned by Kailyn to keep her life off Sulia.

Kailyn deserves a little more respect from her friends, especially on issues as personal as what's inside (or not inside) her uterus!

Do you think Kailyn has the right to take these girls to task?


Image by Jeanne Sager


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