‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska’s ‘Drunken Night’ Sounds Like a Lot of Fun


chelsea houskaTeen Mom Chelsea Houska had one wild and crazy drunken extravaganza last night, only she didn't have a sip of alcohol. The 21-year-old mom of one was in bed early, but her friends, apparently, were out partying. Chelsea tweeted:

This is one of the most random nights I've had in a while....and I've been in bed since 10:30. Soo many drunk dials hahah

Then, when a fan asked her if she was on the receiving end of those drunk dials, Chelsea confirmed that she was. I guess her amigos really get after it on Wednesday nights in South Dakota if they're calling Chelsea wasted during all hours of the night.

But, alas, that's what kids in their young twenties do, I guess, especially if they're in college. And while Chelsea can't necessarily participate that often since she's a mom to a toddler, at least she can have a little drunken fun at the expense of her friends. If you can't laugh at your frineds' slurring their love for you, what can you?

Plus, it would be really easy for Chelsea to go out all the time and have fun with her buddies, but she's taking the high road. I mean, just look at Teen Mom Farrah Abraham. That girl's getting DUIs, drunk tweeting ... Chelsea's making a smart move by staying out of the fray.

Farrah, on the other hand, yikes.

Do you like Chelsea?


Photo via chelseahouska/Instagram

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Meghan Paige

I love Chelsea, she's funny and I like her personality. She is very up front and she speaks her mind, I just hope (after watching  the show regularly) she quits letting her ex dictate her feelings! Once you allow someone to make you angry etc., you let them control you. She is worth so much more than she appears to think she is and she deserves a guy who isn't going to use and abuse her. (Don't take "abuse" out of context, I meant it in the way that her ex plays mind games with her and the things he says to her at times). She's a great lady and I hope she gets through school and lands a job at a great salon AND she can finally move and start a new life where she is happy and away from drama. <3

Ang9403 Ang9403

No I can't stand her.

Kayla Biemer

i love chelsea!!!! 

Tab Reed

Shes my favorite!

Samantha Graves

she is such a good girl love her!

Danielle Jeffers

Chelsea is a great mom I wished they would continue with teen mom 1 and 2 and not worry about 3

Jewel... Jewelz2218

I'm from Sioux Falls South Dakota n really haha not a lot to do here really !!! I think she is amazing mother and sweet and she need to get over that douche bag Adam he plays daddy when sours him and she is mommy and dad all the time I had my first son when I was 15 he is 19 and I am 34 I'm a mother of five and I have lived what these girls have and I think she is doing a great job ! She going to school to make a future for her and abrurey and that's amazing and strong . I tell my son ima make him an hair appt. so that he can meet her haha

Jewel... Jewelz2218

The one they need off that show is jennelle she is a horrible mother and her mother shouldn't have the chance to screw up another kid jase needs to be away from them both to ever have a chance at life . He is learning to scream leave when life gets hard bad relationships n drug use all before he can even write his name !!! I feel so bad for that lil guy . I switch when she comes on MTV don't like the press and talk about canceling dint do that just get her off the show and call it a day I would live that.

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