'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Is So Famous, It's Annoying (According to Him)

Sean LoweBachelor Sean Lowe started his reality show rocket to "fame" by appearing on The Bachelorette with Emily Maynard. Soon after, he was announced as the next Bachelor where he met his fiance Catherine Giudici and then after that, he went right onto Dancing With the Stars. Does this sound like a man who "hates" fame? No?

The funny thing is, he says he does. Can I get a massive eye roll?

Lowe told The Hollywood Reporter:

It comes with a lot of unwanted attention, between the paparazzi to the tabloid magazines and the fictitious stories that are created on a daily basis. That gets a little old.

Well boo hoo. I am sorry, but cry me a river. Hearing celebrities complain about fame is always annoying. I get that it must be frustrating. But, like any job, being an entertainer comes with pros -- money, status, power -- and cons. So suck it up. Your con list is much smaller than that of most people.

But with Sean it is even worse.

He is not a George Clooney or someone who chose acting or directing and ended up railroaded by fame. He ACTIVELY courted fame, chasing it every chance he could. If he hated it after Bachelorette, he could have stopped. If he hated it after The Bachelor, he could have stopped. He has chosen to keep on chasing fame. And how he has the gall to complain about it? Get serious.

You are on a series of reality shows, dude. And hey, if you hate fame so much, go off with your fiance and stop courting the media and I PROMISE they will go away. Where is Alex Michel these days? I have no idea. And that is because Bachelor fame is fleeting.

He needs to soak it in and suck it up because it won't last forever. He is not an entertainer (something that is obvious on DWTS) and his time in the sun will be short lived.

Does it annoy you when "stars" complain about fame?


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nonmember avatar natalie

What an incredibly negative person you are and your outlook on the situation.

amomm... amommy2jack

I have to agree with Sasha - don't sign up for reality TV if you don't want to be noticed.  He should have stopped after one if it was so tedious.  These reality people (I won't call them stars) are all about getting their faces out there so someone will offer them a show.  Its really tiresome.

Cathy Neumann-Bearse

Sad thing is ..I saw him yesterday and he was so humble so these are all LIES!! Leave the man alone!

sande... sanderella2009

I don't see Sean as "fame hungry" by any stretch of the imagination. He is simply a guy who is seizing opportunities, having fun an enjoying life! Why would anyone look on from afar and attempt to twist his happiness into something negative?

Only a person consumed with jealousy would do such a thing. Shameful.

I believe it's time to stop judging and picking apart other people's lives... and find your own happiness!

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