Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Want Gifts for Her Birthday but Robert Pattinson Should Know Better

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kristen stewartYou guys, Kristen Stewart's birthday is right around the corner! It's Tuesday, April 9 -- mark your calendars. So how will KStew pass the big day? A friend says, "Kristin is looking forward to celebrating her birthday with Rob and a few of her close friends. She's not really into making a big deal about her own birthday." I can see it all now, Kristen kicking back in her flannel shirt and Converse sneakers, having a few beers with her pals while they watch everything in the new Twilight DVD box set. It's going to be real.

I'm dying to find out what Rob's getting her.

Rob must have a special gift in mind for his ex-ex-girlfriend. Something that says, "I loved you, and then you broke my heart, and then I took you back and then I went to Australia for two months, and it looks like we're back together again now but I dunno." Kristen's friend says, "she doesn’t want anything because she feels like she already has everything. Spending time with Rob is the best birthday present for her." DAWWW!


Okay, that's kind of gross. It reminds me of every birthday my mother ever had, when she said the exact same thing and yet seemed vaguely disappointed every damn time. Don't fall for it, Rob! Don't fall for the "I have everything I could want I just want to spend time with you" trap. Spending time together is ALWAYS an inadequate birthday gift. You could do that on Monday. You need to make the birthday special.

Rumor has it Rob may get Kristen another rescue dog to join their other two dogs, Bear and Bernie. If so, please expect a dog naming contest here at The Stir. First one to guess correctly wins your very own Robert Pattinson doll.

What do you think Rob will give Kristen for her birthday?





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Gloria Hovis

It's no bodys business, not ours it will be up to Robert what he will do for Kristen. Maybe spending time alone with her it might just be what Robert will do, just him and her alone all day I myself think this would be nice but what ever he does she will love it because it's coming from Rob and thats all that matters to.
Wishing them both all the luck and best wishes. Be happy and be good to one another and for God sake be faithful to each other and don't pay know attention to what others have to say just keep right on loving one another. And Robert don't listen to your friends not even you your family and that means your sisters you need to tell them to back off and leave you and Kristen alone if you love Kristen then thats all that matters. it's your business not no one elses so good luck and best of luck to both.
I'm a fan of both and will always be their fan love these two will support them both love from a fan.

nonmember avatar Holly

Finally ending this "relationship" hopefully.

Karen Tate Dorsey

 He will probably get her a carton of cigarettes.or a case of beer.


nonmember avatar Sus

Engagement ring!

Sue Nunes

I hope he gives her a kick to the curb. Enough already!

nonmember avatar cricrila

A nice vacation. Alone.

nonmember avatar Tricia

I think it's stupid writing on two people that madly I love with each other. They are not believing what this person writes or any other person writes about them. If people want to believe this then they are as stupid as the person writing this. I want to hear it from the person mouth not the mouth of poorly written script just to make a quick buck! Until I hear it from them both of them, all of you that write about movies stars or singer can all stick it!

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