'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Upset Over 'Virgin' Title Even Though He Gave It to Himself

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Sean Lowe

Uh-oh, you guys. Apparently Bachelor Sean Lowe's "born again virgin" title has him all bent out of shape, because he doesn't think his choice to abstain from sex until marriage is anyone's concern but his.

When asked about the fact that he refuses to do the horizontal limbo right now, Sean told The Hollywood Reporter, Frankly, it's no one's business. It's just a personal matter for me."

Hmm. Sure sounds like celibacy is a pretty sore subject for Sean.

And while I totally get why he doesn't want to discuss it, I'm still not buying the "It's no one's business" bit.

Um, duh. It's everyone's business -- thanks to Mr. Lowe himself. (Hear me out.)

It's pretty simple, actually.

Dude. If you don't want anyone to know that you're a born again virgin, then don't go on a reality show and tell everyone that you're a born again virgin. (It's not rocket science.)

Sean made it very clear that he had no intentions of getting physical with any of the ladies on his season because he's saving himself for marriage -- which isn't exactly typical for The Bachelor.

Did he really think that people wouldn't be buzzing like crazy about his bedroom habits (or lack thereof) after he made it common knowledge that he's doing the whole virgin thing? His decision to be ultra-traditional is so opposite of what's considered the norm these days, so it's understandable that fans would be curious about his choice and want to hear more of the scoop.

Bottom line -- if you think your sex life is nobody's business but yours, then it's probably a good idea to refrain from addressing it in any way, shape, or form on national television.

Do you think Sean made a mistake by blabbing about his "virginity?"


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miche... micheledo

I'm mixed on this. O nthe one hand, my sex life IS no ones business. But when you know there are people like you and you can be an encouragement and inform everyone else on a completely different choice, you kind of want to speak up. I was a virgin unti lI married at 27. Teens and young adults CAN do it. But that also doesn't mean ai want it to be a part of every conversation.

On the other hand, this is tv land we are talking about. What did he expect!!

nonmember avatar SYLVIA

celibacy is something we should be celebrating, NOT a mockery. Sean We are proud of you, being a gentlman!!!!

nonmember avatar me

he should live up to the title and own it, not mock it or be mad that it was given to him.. what a big baby

nonmember avatar pammiechick

I am glad he talked about it and he should be proud of his stance on sex before marriage. What isn't good is the way he's either backtracking or getting embarrassed by this question. Goodness! Own it proudly, Sean!

Lori Rustvold


Lauren Gardner

I think it's refreshing that he doesn't want to have sex w/ everyone.

Cheryl Elliott Feltman

I agree, it is not anyone's business.  I applaud him for his stance.!


nonmember avatar Melj

I agree with Sean,that his sex life is his business and his alone. If he chooses to wait until marriage then so be it. It is very rare,yes, but that doesn't make it wrong. Leave the man alone!!

Roberta Howard

Leave the man alone. Let him deal with his sex or not . It is his business not the world's. 

nonmember avatar Jennifer

Thank you Sean for teaching the upcoming men to be respectful of themselves and the ladies! It's very refreshing! I think it is absolutely disgusting how most men and woman will be intimate with just about anybody.. It's so gross...

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