'Bachelor' Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Are Trying to Convince Themselves They’re Really in Love (VIDEO)

sean and catherineSaying that I was riveted by this video featuring Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici after a Dancing With the Stars post-party sounds a little embarrassing, so I'll just say that I found it very, very interesting. I mean, it kind of made my day and if you're anything like me, you'll stare at this paparazzi video with wide, believing eyes as you observe an intoxicated Sean and a tipsy Catherine soak up every ounce of limelight while revealing never so subtly that they're not going to last. Like, at all.

Because anyone who has to say over and over how much they love each other, and how they think the other person is soooo wonderful, and how their relationship couldn't be better, definitely has something to hide. Are they trying to convince us that they're in love, or themselves?

And when Sean rattles off reasons why he supposedly loves Catherine ... "Ummmmmmmmmm, she's intelligent and uhhhhhhh she's special" ... oh god it's so awkward.

Then, then! When they're trying to get in the cab and Catherine stops and poses, arm akimbo, for some final picture taking, ugh, that was so cringe-worthy.

If you didn't believe that Catherine was just in this for the fame, you might change your tune after watching this video.

Fast-forward to the 17-minute mark and enjoy through the end. Keep an ear out for the paparazzi who hammers it home and says to Sean (who's out of ear shot), "it ain't gonna work out dude, anyway."


OK, watch. Do you think these two stand a chance?


Photo via PopTVdotCom/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Lily

Hahaha I don't know what is the deal with you "ALL TABLOIDS WRITERS" you Keep creating shit about this reality people . I mean why are you keep doing this to them anyway? . Why do you have to write like these about them. Whatever they are doing and feelings each other it's not your damn business idiot! Come on leave them alone . This is their life. If they can't satisfied you then move on and leave them alone after all you have idea about their private life . Only these 2 people knew what they have and it's up to them to handle their own life as couple not you or anyone. I don't understand you tabloid writers . You are all a piece of shit. And I don't understand being a tabloid writer is so calle "a profession in the first place". All you have todo is writing crap and destroying people's life". Get a life idiots .

Nikole Speck

^^^ agreed! I didn't see anything awkward at all except the stupid paparazzi in their damn face. THEY make it awkward.

nonmember avatar Jess

Spoken like a truly jealous person. Was hoping you had something good to say. Wont be reading your negative stuff anymore.

nonmember avatar eli

What I saw was Sean wanting to leave a party and not have cameras in his face, Paps telling him when to kiss his girlfriend, and his also wanting to watch his own back and hers--be safe. Nothing fun about being circled by crazy paparrazzi. as for the article commentary--baloney. sigh.

nonmember avatar Lisa

You're definitely a jealous person who is filled with negativity in her life and takes pleasures in demeaning others you hardly know of. Pathetic and as a woman I'm embarrassed for you. Go get yourself a bf

nonmember avatar lola belle

this chick is constantly writing negative stuff about the bachelor couple. leave 'em alone- it is not your business. all you sound like it jealous. get over it!! I'm with Jess, wont be reading your negative stuff anymore.

nonmember avatar cindi

This chick has some real personal issues. And jealous I might add. Seriously...get a life and quit telling lies about other people. Karma is a real bitch...watch out.

Carol Bitting

1.I think it's fine for Catherine to have fun with her "moment"with fame. 2. I think Sean looks like he's just overloaded with too much. 3. Sean seems very sensitive to critisims and the media. He chose to do DWTS and seems to be very into it. So, he shouldn't get all bent out of shape if people ask how Catherine's doing and if they're still together. 4. I don't see it lasting. I am annoyed at their "pretending" to be together. The public doesn't really care. Just go out on your own. You'll both be fine!

nonmember avatar Shelley

There was definitely no awkwardness between the two, only awkwardness formed by the surrounding cameras!
And just because Catherine posed for the camera, it doesn't mean she went through SO much just for the fame, especially evident if you know how her personality is like and how she is as a person.
Also, are you saying that she should never, ever pose for a single paparazzi, for that will make her an attention whore?

Grow up and leave your jealousy aside.
They're a happy couple, a RARE couple, who succeeded in finding the perfect match uncommon in the Bachelor.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

The only thing awkward here is the paps with the accent asking the same damn questions to Sean and Catherine over and over again, (what do you love about each other? blah blah) Haven't we all heard that before on the show's finale? How would you feel being surrounded by annoying paparazzis with high intensity cameras in your face all the time? Would you actually give them any attention the same as when you're actually being interviewed on tv ? Maybe you should educate yourself first before you make these stupid assumptions. Leave them alone and find something else better to do rather than write fabricated and fictitious stories on people.

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