Lindsay Lohan Gets Trashed Like Never Before (PHOTO)


lindsay lohan Oh man, did Lindsay Lohan ever get trashed! I'm talking TRASHED, people -- not just the usual stumbling, gypsy-punching, car-crashing kind of trashed. I'm talking full-on garbage trashed. No, no, the star hasn't resorted to rummaging through dumpsters for food -- she's the subject of artist Jason Mecier's latest trash portrait. By which I mean a portrait made entirely of trash. Rubbish, you say? Not at all: Mecier is known for his celebrity trash portraits, which actually bear a remarkable resemblence to the celebs; among them, Honey Boo Boo, Amy Winehouse, RuPaul, even President Obama. The trash he chose for LiLo's portrait is especially meaningful: Make-up, jewellery, sunglasses, credit cards, cell phones, booze bottles, handcuffs, Visine, prescription bottles, Lindsay's CDs and DVDs, 2 collectable Mean Girls nail files, 4 ant traps, Monistat 7, 8 Q-Tips, 13 bullet shells, 1 tampon and 29 cigarette butts

Really, you have to see this work of art to believe it ...


lindsay lohan trash

Pretty damn amazing, right? And what's more, I truly believe this could change LiLo's life for the better. Just think of the symbolism here -- sure, she's trashed her life, but it's never too late to pick up the pieces and turn them into something beautiful!

What do you think of Lindsay Lohan's trashy portrait?


Images via Splash/Flickr and PacificCoastNews

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joyfu... joyfullem

A tampon? Ick

joyfu... joyfullem

A tampon? Ick

Joan Aprea

I studied Art for 10 yrs and I am amazed at Lindsey's work of Art. She is very talented, maybe she should pursue her artistic endeavors instead of acting & drinking and getting into trouble!
Art has always been like therapy to me, it makes me forget all of my problems! It is inspiring! Sincerely, Joan Aprea

nonmember avatar mikoo8

No doubt it does her justice one off the best photos I have seen of the Lilo.

nonmember avatar John Patrick

What a waste of a "small" amount of talent!
Complete JOKE!

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