'Glee' Finale Without Cory Monteith Won't Be What Fans Expected

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Cory MonteithThe news that Glee star Cory Monteith had entered rehab for substance abuse may not have surprised fans familiar with his past, but that doesn't mean they don't have questions. Like what the heck is going to happen to the show without one of their leading men? Turns out they're moving on ... without him!

Oh, don't get your knickers with the Finn face on the butt in a twist. Ryan Murphy hasn't fired Monteith.

If anything, the folks at the Fox show have been nothing but supportive. There's been a lot of love floating around from cast members on Twitter, and a show source told E! people on set agree he shouldn't delay treatment.

But the finale, which comes out this month (I know, already!) has to be re-written.

So, that Finchel reunion you were hoping for? It ain't gonna happen, y'all.

At least, not right now. Nor are we going to see Mr. Schue and Finn finally make nice.

What will happen? The writers are apparently planning an "organic" way to deal with his absence, which could mean a variety of things.

I'm just spitballing here, but let's consider the facts: Finn has already been inspired by Marley to go back to school and get a teaching degree. The writers could simply ignore his absence, take the kids to Regionals (which is supposed to be the scene of the big finale episode) and fade to black. When they come back in the fall, Monteith should be back on track, and they can work him back in.

Then again, ignoring Finn completely isn't exactly the Glee style. There's no reason he can't be part of the story without actually seeing Monteith. It's just as likely Rachel will launch herself on a new romantic path that leaves us wondering when Finn will walk in to bust things up ... and THEN they'll fade to black.

Those are just two possibilities, but Gleeks should know by now that whatever the writers come up with for Cory Monteith's character, it won't be what we were expecting a few weeks ago!

Will you miss Finn in the finale? What do you think they should do with his character?


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Nicole Crissey

I will miss finn he is one of my fav people on glee

Teal Chastain Blacksten

Just have him pursuing his teaching degree elsewhere for a while. Since he and Mr. Schue are on the outs right now, it seems like a good time in the season/series to have Finn be absent for a time.

Emily Patterson

He could pursue a teaching degree at a college in New York. Considering that's where Rachel, Kurt, and Santana are.

daisy... daisymom73

This article takes on a whole new meaning today. Sad.

Vitória Beatriz Pellizzari

I think it shouldn't have season 5, in respect of Cory. They should end the serie. Finnchel was Glee's heart and Lea will obviously not accept doing one more season without him. RIP Cory.

Karen Sue Reese

I think they should use his death to tell viewers about the tragedy of drug abuse and write his death into the story line. You will never be able to replace him so you shouldn't try.

nonmember avatar Erin

Bring Finn Huston back on Glee

Kellie Welch

I feel bad and miss "Finn" but I definately think they need to hit on what he was doing. Some of the scenes could have ended him in the series already... I almost wish he hadn't come back to just end up... gone again. I mean he shot himself at basic training in the army, fought with his awesome glee teacher... Brody could have messed him up after the "fight in the hotel room" .... He was partying pretty hard at the college he and puck went to.... There are endless possibilities. I find it so sad and know nothing will be the same. They were the heart soul and face of glee and always will be. They even acknowledged it in one of the episodes, I think it was he himself who said "we dont have the strong voices or the divas" something like that when he originally came back to Mackinly to head the glee club.... so very sad.

nonmember avatar Kay

I agree, I think that the writers should use his death In the show. As hard and sad that it would be for the actors, it is still a chance to teach about addiction and how it can take your life. In the last two months, I have known 2 people to die of this same exact thing and something needs to be done.

nonmember avatar Nwawu chika

Bring finn huston back to Glee! It is sad for him to die but to make the show complete let the writter try to include finn.

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