'DWTS' Results Recap: Zendaya & Jacoby Jones Are the True Champs

DWTSIt was prom night this week on Dancing With the Stars and it was a seriously good time. It may have been one of my favorite themes in the history of the show, it was all about old photos and laughs. Jacoby Jones and Zendaya were both crowned prom king and queen. Huzzah!

Of course, unlike the high school prom, not everyone was going to stay the night and someone was going to go home empty handed. It was elimination Tuesday, after all. Boo. Lucky for us, this time around, it was the right person.

**Spoilers after the jump **

It was Wynonna Judd's turn to go home. Unlike other departures, this one feels kind of right. It was easy to predict and she was the most obvious person to leave.

Lisa Vanderpump and Gleb Savchenko were the first in the Bottom three, then it was Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess, and finally, it was Wynonna and Tony Dovolani.

So far, this season, it seems like Jacoby Jones, Zendaya, Kellie Pickler, and maybe Aly Raisman are the front runners. They are strong contenders. But there are also, unlike past seasons, a lot of obvious weak links who are going to start being picked off one by one.

Andy Dick, Lisa Vanderpump, and DL Hughley are all obviously in need of being sent home. I predict they will slowly be picked off one by one while the others grow in strength. One thing you always have to love about this show is that it is often very difficult to know how it will go. Some people improve, some people fall apart in the final couple shows and some people suddenly pull ahead. It is still anyone's game.

This season is turning out to be pretty entertaining despite all early indications against it. So, yes. It is always sad to see someone go, but in this case it was the right person, so it's OK. Moving on! I predict next week is DL Hughley's last week, but we shall see. Anything can happen!

Do you think Wynonna was the right one to go?


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Elizabeth Leaming

No, she had talent and poise... there were two that deserved to vacate the building, and the floor. That is a shame. People who vote...look at the talent, the grace, Not the popularity of a person...not a fair judgement!!!

nonmember avatar Christine

I certainly do agree

Rita Eileen Potenza

I also agree it was right choices.But DWS has to get away from thee teen ager's and get more adults.Isee enough kids dancing this to me is D.W.T. A.,s I don't know why Wyonna came on in the first place.

Ed Pruger


Faye Carlton

I certainly agree, she looked like she was in pain just for being on the show. She had no dancing skills...and didn't want to learn...no effort

Christina Miller

Asbsolutely, she was the one who should have gone home. There are a few others who are not the best dancers, but DL Hughley & Lisa Vanderpump at least showed some slight improvements from the previous 2 weeks. Wynonna did not improve at all.

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