'Bachelor' Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Were Apart for Easter -- That Can't Be Good

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Wow. That was fast. They haven't even been engaged for a full month yet, but Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici spent Easter apart. Did you hear me? Catherine and Sean were not together on one of the holiest (if not the holiest) Christian holidays of the year.

And based on how head-over-heels in love they supposedly are and the fact that Sean is about as religious as religious dudes come -- something just doesn't quite add up here.

Ok, so I know he's incredibly busy with Dancing With the Stars rehearsals, and he spent Easter weekend in the studio, so it's not like he didn't want to be with Catherine.

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But still, don't you think he could've taken an hour or two off to attend a church service with his lady love, or perhaps enjoy a honey baked ham over candlelight? Doesn't it seem weird that they couldn't find a little bit of time to spend together?

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you how Catherine occupied her holiday weekend. She went to Disneyland. Yes, I'm serious. Her best friend, Crista Osher, flew in from Seattle, and they went to go visit the mouse. Sounds like they had a pretty great time and all, but I'm still not sure Catherine and Sean spending their first major holiday as a couple apart is the best sign as far as what's to come.

Amid reports that the two of them have been spotted fighting in public lately, followed by how they chose to spend Easter -- something just seems "off" to me. And then there's the news that they are planning on delaying their wedding -- what's up with that?

It's almost like they're faking being happy for the sake of Sean's gig on DWTS or something. Wait -- they wouldn't stoop so low as to drag things out for the sake of ratings or their respective ABC contracts, would they?

(Nah. Who does something like that?)

Do you think Catherine and Sean spending Easter apart is a big deal?


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Kerri Bassett

Ok Really people are you going to make this much of a deal out of this??? If I was in Catherine's shoes and had the choice of staying in LA all day just to have an hour or so with Sean on Easter or going to Disney and hang with my best girl then I would have chosen the same thing. Why lay around all day doing nothing waiting til he can break for an hour or so and then go back to being alone when he goes back to practice? Really are you all so clingy, that on one holiday out of the rest of their lives together they decided to spend this one apart, that it means they are doomed for break up??? Really grow up this is real life not high school. Listen to yourselves!!!!!

Debby Kinder

oh please, Get a life. It is not that big of deal not to spend Easter together. you are just looking for trouble

nonmember avatar Pam Rowell

Nope, I don't think it's a big deal you are trying to make it one just leave them alone!!!

annie... annie1005

I think it shows more strength in their relationship than trouble. I am sure she is just trying to be supportive of his DWTS stint. Seems to me you are just trying to create trouble with them!!! Try being a little more supportive and positive instead of being so pessimistic all the time!!! It is really getting annoying!!!

nonmember avatar Sandy

Is everyone forgetting Jake and Vienna?? Isn't this what they did too??

MaryAnn Remillard

The writer here needs to STOP looking for problems between Catherine and Sean. People do spend time apart and I am certain you do not know everything they do. Get a life and I hope you don't get paid much for this garbage...


nonmember avatar Kathy

Another trashy blog by this trashy blogger. Wow, the girl went to Disneyland with her Maid of Honor, who is from Seattle. Ever hear of sightseeing? How does the blogger know they spent the WHOLE day apart? She espouses the Holy day of Easter, yet continues to denigrate these two people. What a hypocrite! Read the interview with Peta Murgotroyd. Things are much better than this tabloid blogger portrays. This blogger has ZERO credibility.

Carol Cromer

Mary, you seem hell bent on causing trouble for the two of them.  Back off and let things work through naturally.  THAT would be the most gracioius thing for you to do.

Debbie Zace

Here's an idea. Leave them alone.

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