Farrah Abraham Brags About Drinking, DUI Charge & All (PHOTO)

farrah abrahamI don't think anyone thinks any of the Teen Mom stars are exemplary decision makers or model citizens, but Farrah Abraham has been taking things to a new level lately. First, Farrah gets busted for a DUI. Then, photos of the Teen Mom star partying and making out with another girl surface. And now she uploads a photo of herself and her family drinking, along with the caption: "This is my mom, dad, & I having Mimosa's (yes we drink)."

Now, drinking mimosas with your parents is all well and good -- heck, I've had them with my own -- but is this really the best time to tweet this pic? With this caption, no less? Everyone knows you drink, Farrah. We know.

Instead of issuing a public apology to her fans about her recent DUI, Farrah has been blaming the incident on the fact that she was sick. In fact, she's managed to try to spin the story to make it seem like she's the good guy by saying that the only reason she was out in the first place was because her sister wanted to be.

Farrah, you really don't have a clue, do you? Typically, after one gets a DUI, it's customary to show some remorse for what they did; to feel sorry about the fact that, oh, I don't know, they could have killed someone. To go and post a photo of yourself drinking it up like nothing ever happened a few days after the fact shows how out of touch you really are. Shame on you. And shame on the example you're setting for others.

What do you think of Farrah's tweet?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Twitter

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LostS... LostSoul88

Keep opening your mouth sweetie. When your trial comes it will be all over how you don;t care about putting others at risk and the judge will give you what you deserve. 

nonmember avatar Stevie

That's the thing about Farrah...she is so arrogant she will never admit that what she did was wrong but will carry on making excuses for herself. She is a despicable person and a horrible role model - not only that, but given the fact that her baby's father was killed in a crash that involved drunk driving, you'd think that she would take the matter a little bit more seriously.

Pmach210 Pmach210

I like some things about her but in so many ways she's very bizarre....it's sad.

zombi... zombiemommy916

I think she's an entitled b**ch who completely lacks accountability...

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