‘RHOBH’ Star Lisa Vanderpump Reveals the Magic Behind the Faye Resnick Takedown (VIDEO)

lisa vanderpumpBehind Giggy and Dana Wilkey's $25,000 sunglasses, Lisa Vanderpump is probably the most liked star on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She just ... she just isn't crazy, you know? She's self-aware (even though she doesn't draw the line at promoting a fake butter company, you'll see what I mean in the video) and somehow always manages to have the truth on her side. And after a season where crazy Adrienne Maloof went off the deep end and former fan-favorite Kyle Richards was pictured as a money-hungry sycophant, Lisa and Brandi Glanville were beacons of honesty in a sea of drunks, former drunks, and liars.

I got a chance to talk to Lisa about this last season of RHOBH, and asked her about the editing this season, why Bravo broke down that fourth wall, and what was up with her eyelashes. Burning questions, all of them.

To give a little context, here's what I mean about the fourth wall coming down. To me, this season in particular addressed the women as the stars they had become -- it was no longer Kyle planning a dinner party, it was Housewife Kyle addressing rumors she'd read on TMZ. It was no longer Brandi meeting an enemy for drinks, it was Housewife Brandi sitting down with Scheana so that Housewife Lisa's new show Vanderpump Rules could be "seamlessly" promoted. It was no longer Adrienne bickering with Paul, it was Housewife Adrienne trying to prevent the airing of her alleged surrogacy secret.

The fact that they're on a show wasn't hidden, it was broadcast. So much so, you'll have noticed, that production was addressed as sort of the seventh Housewife during the reunion, part one. "I scheduled doing our cleanse through production," Yolanda mentioned, and so forth.

One more note about production and editing and fourth wall before we get to Lisa -- did anyone else catch that blip in the matrix when during the reunion part one, Kyle and Kim Richards admitted that their conversation with a drunk Taylor Armstrong was edited to make it seem like Taylor didn't know where her daughter Kennedy was? OK. So that wasn't the whole story -- Taylor explained, though it wasn't aired, that there was this whole back and forth with Kyle and Kim about her mom picking Kennedy up, slash, there was a miscommunication with the nanny, etc. Basically, we found out Taylor wasn't as negligent a mother she was painted to be.

SO! During the show, one of the following scenes after Taylor's tipsy "Oh you have Kennedy?" phone call is Kim's sit-down with Taylor to address Taylor's drinking problem. In that conversation, Kim mentions that Taylor didn't know where Kennedy was and uses that to motivate Taylor to get clean, BUT WAIT.

In the reunion, didn't Kim say that the whole "where's Kennedy" drama wasn't what it seemed?

It seems that production talked to Kim and Taylor before their confrontation and was like, Look, we're going to edit out the part where Taylor explains WHY she's surprised that Kyle has Kennedy, so when you meet with Taylor today, just go ahead and act like she didn't know where her kid was, even though that's not the case.

I'm all fine with the fourth wall coming down and, believe it or not, I actually enjoy it; I just hope that they get a little cleaner about it next season.

So what does Lisa think of all this? Watch to see her talk about that, why Faye Resnick might deserve everything she's getting in the press right now, and just how important makeup is. (Shout out to m'dad for prompting me to get answers on "her amazing eyelashes.")

What do you think of Lisa's comments?


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Carol... CarolynCal2422

I think Lisa is one of the most honest housewife with the most integrity. I think the Real housewives are Lisa, Brandi & Yolanda the rest should resign they seem to enjoy
causing trouble and creating drama.

Heather Arnaud

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Lisa & Ken!!! They can be extravagant, at times but they seem to be humbled in a lot of ways & don't let the $ get to their heads. As she stated in the interview, she does get out of bed everyday & go to work. I soooo admire her!

Jennifer Griffin Becker

love love love her!!! I really hope they do not put faye back on. she is trashy & evil

Laurie Brown Bertozzi

I love Lisa and she is the truest most honest person on tv. Love love you Lisa

Meredith Shinn

I adore Lisa,,Ken and Lisa are a great couple,,She acts real..

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