'Glee' Star Cory Monteith Has One Key Tool for Staying Sober After Rehab

Cory MonteithYesterday the big news broke that Cory Monteith, known as Glee's Finn Hudson, entered rehab for substance addiction. Shocking to say the least, this is the 30-year-old's second stint in rehab, having gone once before at age 19. It's a scary thing, for sure, but the fact that Monteith is seeking help shows that he truly wants to get better. In my opinion -- that's admirable.

After word of Monteith's trip to rehab went viral, an outpouring of support from fans, girlfriend Lea Michele, and the rest of the Glee cast was everywhere.

Click to see what the gleeks are saying, here:

From Amber Riley:

I support you big bro, love you to life. So proud of you @CoryMonteith get well soon

From Harry Shum Jr.:

Supporting @CoryMonteith for his courageous decision. Get well soon my friend! Proud of you!

From Kevin McHale:

Love u @CoryMonteith, so proud of you :)

From Jenna Ushkowitz:

Sending lots of love and light to @CoryMonteith. We love you.

And there's so much more. It's heartwarming, really, to see how all of Cory's friends are standing behind his decision to seek treatment. I'm sure it wasn't easy committing to rehab, but the fact that everyone has hope for him is going to be huge when he gets out. That bond, that constant support, that is exactly what's hopefully going to keep Monteith sober and help him overcome this obstacle in his life.

My best wishes go out to Cory. I'm hoping for a Finn return to Glee ASAP.

Were you surprised to hear Cory was in rehab?


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Sylvia Stein

Wishing Cory Monteith the best and I hope all goes well for him.  I also hope to see you back at Glee very soon!  Lots of Love for you Cory! 

Karen Gove

Wishing Cory Monteith the best of luck on his getting sober and staying sober.

Lea Nielsen

Good for Cory! I Met him and the Glee cast about 2 years ago!! His is super nice and very Hanson too! My uncle Works on the show that jow i got to meet them it was so exciting!! :) Glad you are doing good Cory keep it up!

Sherida-Jayne Erdner Glover

Once again, setting an example of what it takes to be a good person. Bravo and best of luck!

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