'Bachelor' Sean Lowe's Sexual Frustration Works to His Advantage on 'DWTS' (VIDEO)


Sean Lowe Peta MurgatroydOMG. Just when we thought wearing a lifeguard uniform was about as wacky as Bachelor Sean Lowe was going to get on Dancing With the Stars -- he came out in overalls and a hard hat last night and made us say, "What the heck??" out loud yet again.

I'm not quite sure how doing the cha-cha to "YMCA" really fits in with the whole prom night theme, but Sean and Peta somehow associated attending their own high school dances with jamming to the Village People. Thus, the "YMCA" cha-cha was born.

And I guess a tuxedo and bow tie probably wouldn't have worked with that tune, which is why Sean went for the overalls -- which leads me to one question.

Um, is it just me, or have all of his dances so far had some sort of sexual undertone? The first week, he somewhat resembled Hugh Hefner. And then he went the lifeguard route -- and now the beefy construction worker who kicked off his routine by using a jackhammer. (Need I say more?)

He and Peta really seem to be milking his "born again virgin" status for all it's worth. It's like he's about to explode or something, so they work his frustration into their routines each week. And the craziest part is that their little plan is actually working. Sean keeps improving each and every week, and at the rate he's going, he may have a shot at making it to the end of this thing.

Wow. Who knew that being intentionally sexually frustrated could be used as a form of strategy? Maybe the other DWTS contestants should follow suit and practice abstinence for the duration of the show. That would really kick the competition up another notch.

In case you missed Sean's cha cha, check it out in this video clip.


What did you think of Sean and Peta's performance this week?


Image via TheVocalVault/YouTube

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Dee Newberry Hull


Daloma Smith

Dont like the overalls!!! He is so handsome but have never liked the look of overalls and a hard hat?????? But he was still haaaandsome!!!

amber... amberdotsmom

Daloma - not sure of your age but have you not seen the Village People who originally sang YMCA?  They each have a costume - going with that theme Sean's other choices would have been Policeman, Cowboy or Leather Biker.   Now that I think of it Cowboy would be a good look for him .  I guess it  probabaly wouldn't have worked for this though since Peta chose the Indian. 

To me the most distracting part was the shoes - even if they're the right shoes for dancing somehow shiny black heels just didn't work with the rest of the outfit.

Dot Thomas

I thought he did great.. He has my vote....

Debbie Deal McGee

I am not nearly so enchanted w/ Sean and his dancing as I was watching him on the Bachelor. I think maybe his talent may lie elsewhere-off of the dance floor. Not so sure it was a great move him being on DWTS after  his stint on The Bachelor. I hope he's not a camera hog, like Emily turned out to be. That would be hugely disappointing;(

nonmember avatar Guest

Even if they are just dance partners, Sean and Peta look natural together. Like the way they seem to be able to joke around and have fun while working on the dances. So funny when he told her he hadn't showered in 2 days. Still not seeing it with Catherine.

nonmember avatar Jim

Love the overalls and hard hat. what a rude article. you would never see an article saying a woman is sexually frustrated. He is gorgeous and fun to watch

nonmember avatar Calvin O Neal

I didnt enjoy watching Sean last week. He really cannot dance and it is starting to get painful to watch him try. That routine last night was truly not a dance as most of us think of one.
I don't think Peta can get away with that often, including crowding the stage around Sean with other real dancers who are supposed to distract from what Sean is not doing. I find the guy likeable but it's obvious that his Bachelor fans ( people who post here) will carry him much farther than he would ever go if he were being judged on his dancing. Again this is why he is staying in this relationship with Cat. Its all about getting far in DWTS. If he posted a break up he would loose all his support ( that comes via Bachelor fans) he really can not dance and has not improved the only real thing keeping him in the dance is his popularity-GF right now...
Glaringly missing from the judges' comments last night was any mention of all those human "props" around Sean.
My prediction is that he'll last until about halfway through the season when even his fans will realize he's not improving and will start to vote for stars who can dance or have improved significantly.

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