'RHOBH' Season 3 Reunion Part 2 Recap: Brandi Glanville Goes Too Low

Brandi Glanville and Kyle RichardsFor a season filled with such explosive drama, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills went out on a much gentler note tonight as part 2 of the reunion wrapped. It ended with them talking of their love for one another and how cathartic the season had been; then they all toasted with champagne out of fancy goblets, except Kim Richards who was given a plain old water bottle.

It wasn't all love and peace, however, and the biggest slam of the night came from Brandi Glanville. Now, I've been on Team Brandi for a long time now, but tonight she really hit Kyle Richards below the designer belt.

It followed an emotional conversation about Kim and her sobriety, and how hard she found it to watch this season, especially when Kyle said she didn't think she was acting sober. She told her how hurtful that was, and Kyle apologized and admitted that she'd used the wrong word. She said she knew that Kim wasn't drinking; she just didn't think she was acting like herself.

Brandi chimed in and said she didn't like how Kyle was always questioning Kim's sobriety. Then she said, "I almost feel like it would make her happy if she failed." Taylor Armstrong (who otherwise remained silent the whole night) gasped audibly, and everyone was shocked.

Kyle got understandably emotional after that and told her, "Brandi, that is the meanest thing you could say." And really, it was. Kyle has her faults, but when it comes to her sister, she's been nothing but supportive of her over the years. It's clear she desperately wants her to succeed and saying she'd be happy if she failed is just vicious.

Brandi did apologize later on, but words like that leave an impression. And I don't even know where she was going with the comment about Yolanda Foster carrying Kim's shit-stained pillow through the airport, but it wasn't anywhere kind and sweet.

The rest of the reunion was pretty dull. They talked about Adrienne Maloof's divorce from Paul Nasiff, and how no one believes the abuse allegations that have floated about. Mauricio Umansky and Ken Todd made a brief appearance that basically amounted to Mauricio trying to spin an upstanding image for himself and his company.

And really, that was about it. Hopefully that's not it for good, as rumors suggest Bravo may cancel RHOBH. They wouldn't really ... would they?

Did Brandi go way too low in her attack on Kyle Richards?


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nonmember avatar isabella j

Brandi proved once again she really really is just a mean girl. Never a fan of hers! The smirks as well, she is just cruel.

nonmember avatar marisu

i think the show should b canceled i think kyle should take her family and leave quick b4 she falls victim to the shows statistics and get taylor crazy ass too

money shouldnt by souls but it has and it shows on this show.. This price of fame?? yolonda the dutch douche ur the next victim.. can u say gudbye hubby

nonmember avatar Kconnors

I understand that watching any of the housewives shows is my own disgusting guilty pleasure. Seeing caddy women is what you sign up for when you watch these programs for sure. Bravo has certainly hit an all time low by keeping Brandi Glanville employed. She is truly the most VILE human being I have ever come across. She is NEVER wrong, and she thinks she's a straight shooter. I love people who tell it like it is, but that is not what she does. She just spews every ignorant thought that comes to her tiny pea brain. Tonight was the last straw. Her ex husband must have ran not walked to divorce court! Way to dodge a bullet Eddie!

nonmember avatar Andy Jean

What I find most interesting is that the sisters are so over the top with their emotions on both ends of the spectrum. It's like they power hit people with their posturing, finger wagging, arguing, crying, voice volume, etc. and shut everybody up so they can continue to force their point. It's not that Brandi wants Kim to lose her sobriety. It's just a likely outcome and that's a simple fact. Kyle is really very naive to even begin to think that Kim will go back to "normal" or whatever Kyle wants her to be. Kim did go back to normal which just happens to be a master manipulator and they both fall for each others game (K&K). And automatically Kyle comes and Kim comes in with these tears. It's just so old and such a manipulation. Why is it that this panel of women actually listen to what K&K say, even if it's revealing more of themselves (K&K) than they want to, and Kim and Kyle go into this crying over emotional ploy. We all know that it will be everybody's fault but Kim's if weak little whiney Kim fails again. Just like we all know that it isn't Brandi's fault that Narcissistic Adrienne and Paul's marriage failed. It really looks like Adrienne couldn't take her bollocks off and actually let Paul have his own. The others are really much more interesting to listen to or watch now. K&K aren't really that attractive to listen to or watch, but that's my opinion.

nonmember avatar rosemarie

Brandi Granville is extremely meanspirited...she kisses up to lisa and yolanda.maybe if she spent as much time on working on her marriage...he ex would not have cheated on her ..or ..married someone else


nonmember avatar Ellen

Brandi deserves what she got from Eddie she is a horrible human being . Leanne good for u!!!

nonmember avatar Andy Jean

So often in these responses, you folks are so "reactive". And you complain about Brandi being exactly what you are saying. "I hate Brandi! She's evil" "Brandi is just a mean girl". Really, it sounds like you are just like her or maybe you actually don't get what she is actually saying. I don't think she is trying to be mean or hateful. I think she is actually saying what she is seeing. People just don't like to have their stuff stripped down and shown to them. If you noticed, when Kim and Kyle both were so pushy, both the European girls sat back and let the American sisters lay their big American cards on the table. Then the sister girls expected everybody to feel sorry for them. Lisa, Yolanda, Taylor and even Brandi (to a lesser degree) didn't buy into the emotional stuff. Mauricio actually explained it perfectly, that separation of not getting so emotionally vested in the BS. And a lot of it get's tossed into the fan with all of these HW shows. I don't know, it's all getting ridiculously old with the set ups and the egging on to get the women all riled up. But it's still entertaining, so I guess that's my guilty pleasure too, eh.

nonmember avatar A L Cummings

Brandi always makes comments that are too low. 99% of everything she says is to hurt someone else or to make someone look bad. That is her way of bringing others down to her lower than life level. She is a stupid b..ch and Bravo should get rid of her and that phony, stick up her ass Yolanda. Brandi really needs to get help for her jealousy, meanness and ignorance.

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

WOW we got some haters here. Why so vested in these women? I watch but don't get that into these women's personalities, I just see women who are well off acting no better then the women on Mob Wives lol

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