'Real Housewives of Orange County' Season 8 Premiere Recap: Vicki Gunvalson Puts Her New Face Forward

Vicki GunvalsonIt's always good to be back in the O.C. where it all started. Tonight was the 100th episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and a lot has changed since the last time the ladies were together. Most significantly -- Vicki Gunvalson's face. 

She got a nose job, a chin implant, and some fat injected in her face, and it looks ... different. Really different. I'd seen pictures of it before, but watching her in action was mesmerizing. It was still swollen, but I think, based on glimpses from upcoming previews, it's going to actually look pretty good when all is said and done. Or at least good in a fake, plastic-surgery enhanced way.

I really wish she hadn't pretty much admitted that she did it because Slade Smiley called her Miss Piggy, but she did. Even if that's true, I wish she hadn't given him the satisfaction. And why was Gretchen Rossi threatening to "cut a bitch" if she said she did it because of Slade? He did make the joke, and if Vicki's insecure enough to go under the knife because of it, then Gretchen should feel sorry for her, not pissed. Or one would think anyway.

I'm really rooting for Vicki this season. She's a new grandma; she finally kicked that creep Brooks Ayers to the curb. Except wait ... because previews show they're getting back together. Ugh. I may not be rooting for her for long if that's the case.

Another big change -- Slade actually got a real job. It's about time, and that's good news for his future with Gretchen. Her BFF Tamra Barney and Eddie have moved in together, but there's already trouble in paradise with a bunch of bickering. It's minor for now, but who knows what kind of foreshadowing that might be.

Alexis Bellino was back ... sort of. She's in her perfect new house, and gushed about her perfect life (and she wonders why people find her annoying). She didn't mix with any of the ladies/bullies, and if her husband, Jim, has anything to say about it, she won't either. We'll see how that goes. At least her hair looked good. 

Heather Dubrow was brave enough to host another party after the explosive one she had last season. She threw a clam bake, and it was to be the first time Tamra and Vicki saw each other since last year's reunion -- about seven months ago.

Both were nervous and on guard beforehand, and the awkwardness in the air was thick. Gretchen and Tamra arrived first, in matching outfits nonetheless (would it really have killed Gretchen to run upstairs and change?), and then a few minutes later in walked Vicki with her new face. And that was it. We have to wait until next week to see what goes down ... if anything.

Previews for the season look explosive, to put it mildly. I think it's going to be a good one.

Are you excited for this season of RHOC? What did you think of Vick's new look?


Image via Bravo

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white... whiteragland

Vicki look so absoutley great and love her chin and nose. Back away Gretchen and tamra....

white... whiteragland

I am support Vicki all way if she don't go back her sly bf........ Vicki, u are the best... DON'T WORRY ABOUT WHO MISJUDGE U..

Melissa Jo Davis

I think if your happy and love it that all that matters.

nonmember avatar Charlie

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Deb Heaton Dooley

The OC "housewives" are a bunch of mean girls. Tamra is a bully and delights in stirring the pot whenever she can. I'm not sure why she and Gretchen don't look in the mirror and see how cruel and gossipy they are. Mean girls are not entertainment or role models for their children.

nonmember avatar Jkh

Tamra and Gretchen are such mean girls when they are together, the way they were talking about Vicki. I am happy for Vicki and support her and feel bad that Slimey Slade made her so self conscious

Renee Dupuis Christian

I am sorry but Vicki does not look better. I was shocked when I saw her face on last nights show. She should have left it alone.

Debbie Page Lazzara

Well i can see from the previews for up coming season that Tamra  has'nt changed still the same old bully, .And you know i have to say every time a house wife reads what the public has to say about them that is not nice ,they get all teary eyed and profess how much there feeling are hurt, WELL THEM STOP BEING A MEAN PERSON, and the public won't react in that way, just saying.

Samantha Gleaves

I recently just moved from Southern California and while stopped for a layover at the phenoix hub guess who was sitting right across from us but that Vicki woman, I originally watched the oc rhw when it first came out but other than that not too into it, point is the whole time I'm looking at her and then away until finally I noticed it was her, her face was defiantly different so different it took me a minute, anyway she was decently polite and my little guy is always looking for a smile from people. So she wasn't a complete bitch about my sons waving and being all cute lol, and just to be clear if she did give me a look or say something I wouldn't have appreciated it, I've been around reality "stars" and I'm sorry but you are no different than I am. No special treatment over here.

I also heard her talking about something to do with the show but frankly I don't care enough to snoop. Interesting stuff, she was with some guy too, not very attractive he looked like a grime ball. But don't know who he is

Norma J Brill

 She looks very pretty..........................................

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