Lisa Rinna on 'RHOBH'? Please Tell Me They're Not That Desperate

lisa rinnaI don't want to project on you here, but I really don't think you'll be happy with this latest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills casting rumor. Word on the old Internet is that soap star Lisa Rinna is in talks to take the open spot left by Adrienne Maloof. Apparently, she was close to being a part of the original cast for season 1, but instead chose to do her own reality show, Harry Loves Lisa, on TV Land, and now, it's possible she'll be a part of season 4.

Two words, two syllables: No thanks.

It's not that I have anything against Lisa -- in fact, I've always enjoyed her appearances on Andy Cohen's show Watch What Happens Live -- it's just that I don't think she'd be able to let her guard down. I can't really see her saying anything controversial, let alone getting in a disagreement with Brandi Glanville or Lisa Vanderpump. I would just assume, incorrectly or not, that whatever Miss Rinna did would be because of the cameras, not in spite of them.

I'm sure it's hard to find someone who'd act otherwise, though, seeing as the show's a runaway hit and everyone watches it, but hey, they were able to get Yolanda Foster to sign on, and she'd never seen an episode before, so perhaps there's hope that whatever fresh meat they cast might actually be, you know, fresh. Or at least fresher than Lisa Rinna, who's already visited the Bravo clubhouse.

We've heard that Baroness Monica Von Neumann is also in the running to join season 4 -- I'd take this relative nobody over Lisa Rinna any day.

Plus, is there really any more room on the show for another woman with enormous lips? I kinda feel like Taylor Armstrong has that on lockdown. Two ducks on the block is one duck too many.

Would you be happy if Lisa Rinna joined RHOBH?


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nonmember avatar JDzWife

I'd rather have Lisa Rinna any day than Faye Resnick....
Just sayin..

JeaneMarie Newton-Hall

I think Lisa Rinna would be a nice addition, I heard that Taylor is leaving as well so the lips would be replaced. I would welcome her, I think she could be confrontational if need be.


Nancy Hartwick

I would welcome Lisa to the show! I think she is hilarious! She would bring some humor to those women and hopefully help them see the lighter side of life.

Tracey Napierkoski

I don't know how I really feel about it, but I can say that I would much rather see her than Faye Resnick! UGH! I am sure there are plenty of Beverly Hills women that can fill the gap that are not full blown celebrities.. NOt that she's an A lister or anything but I am sure there are plenty of others that would be better suited to fill the role... of backstabbing, blabbermouth ritzy titsies BH housewife! :P

Mary Hayes Henderson

I think Lisa Rinna will be an asset to the show. She definitely has more class than Adrienne and Faye Resnick. Whenever I saw Faye Resnick, I changed the channel. She is a ZERO with NO CLASS. I am glad that Adrienne left. She was a big liar. Paul had had enough of her arrogance and bullying. Where are the African American "housewives". You know, there are some in Hollywood !!! That would be a pleasant change and diversity.

Lobelle Lobelle

Ho hum boring!

Weeds1 Weeds1

Can't handle the lips and the shreiking laughter that always sounds forced.

Sherri Fowler White

Who are you Lindsey Mannering?  I've not ONCE agreed with you on any of your posts. Here's another one.  You, apparently LOVE the drama if your faves are Brandi &'re probably just like them.  Sad for you....

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