'DWTS' Pro Val Chmerkovskiy Sets the Record Straight on Kelly Monaco Dating Rumors (VIDEO)

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Val ChmerkovskiyOk, I don't know what exactly is going on here, but based on Dancing With the Stars pro Val Chmerkovskiy's new Ricki Lake interview -- it appears as though he and Kelly Monaco really aren't an item. As in they are not dating, not a couple, not all over each other when the lights go out at night -- zero, zip, nada.

Please excuse me for a moment while I try and pick the pieces of my broken heart up off the floor.

Yes -- I'm that devastated over this unfortunate news.

Take a look at this clip of Val trying to explain his relationship with Kelly to Ricki -- and see if you can make some sense out of it.


Um, DWTS is a fantasy world? What exactly does that mean? Please tell me he's not saying that all of the magic we saw going on with him and Kelly was nothing but a fantasy, because I just can't accept that explanation. There's no way they could've faked the kind of chemistry they had for the sake of the show, and it can't have been simply a case of being caught up in the moment. Their connection was undeniable, and it seems almost impossible to imagine the two of them not being a couple after how incredible their partnership was on DWTS.

But even if Kelly and Val aren't currently together, he did appear to slip a little bit as to what happened with them during the show. When he said something about dating older women being a trend, followed by, "you saw what happened last season" -- that HAD to mean that something more than a friendship existed between them at one time, right?

I'm still holding out hope that they're both just really secretive people and are trying to throw us off by insisting they aren't dating. Maybe they'll turn up on the cover of People in another year with exclusive wedding shots. (Could happen.) But if it's true and Val really is looking for Ms. Right -- I can't help but be a little disappointed that I'm already married. (Sorry, honey.) Whoever lands that dude is going to be one seriously lucky lady.

Are you disappointed to hear that Kelly and Val are not together?


Image via rickilake/YouTube

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nonmember avatar monica

this interview was old. Kelly was even at the ricki show when val was taping this! I think it's still a cover up

Kev Knowles

I would like to know when was this tape, and if Kelly was there when this was tape that tell me has to tell how old it is.

nonmember avatar Lexi jordan

Ugh. No my heart is not broken. I've been saying all along it was for show! Kelly HAS a boyfriend, his name is Heath Freeman. He was at every single DWTS performance and they live together. Kelly & Val did appearances together in February and lots of my fellow soap friends went and said it was obvious they were close but not dating. Get over it!

nonmember avatar Just a guest

Don't believe it. They WERE and ARE together. These dance hookups happen more often than you think!

nonmember avatar sal

I think Val is handsome and he is a terrfic
dancer, but I wish she was dating her co-star
Michael Easton, he is fantasic!

nonmember avatar Gretchen

As much as I hope this isn't true I feel like they both know they have that real connection but she hurt him because the fantasy world comment to be seed like him saying I should've known that we wouldn't work after the season ended or him saying she was out of his league and he should've realized it. But then with the you saw comment and the older women thing i think that's the confirmation that they were romantically involved

Donna Seaman-Brown

sal,michael easton`s wife might not like him dating kelly.

nonmember avatar Layla Rock

I think that Val and Kelly were the hottest couple to ever dance on Dancing with the Stars! You just couldn't help to see the connection & sexual attraction to one another.

nonmember avatar priscilla

Honestly I think they were together but something happened along the way and they broke up before they could announce they were even together. Since he is the one to finally say they are not together I think Kelly might have did something that made him end it with her. Im wondering if it had anything to do with her costar on Gh Michael Easton.

Carol Ann Ferrell

Chemistry and love are two different things. I think she is a pretty negative thinker, he deserves better.

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