'Kourtney & Kim Take Miami' Recap: Kourtney Makes Sweet Offer to Be Khloe's Surrogate

Kourtney KardashianWow, things were heavy on Kourtney & Kim Take Miami tonight. From Khloe Kardashian's infertility problems and Kourtney offering to be her surrogate to Kim hiring a private investigator to find out what the hell is up with Scott Disick and his shady behavior, they were dealing with some major issues.

Khloe said thanks but no thanks to Kourtney's offer ... yet, anyway. She said it's too soon to go there at this point, but she appreciated the offer. And it really was an amazing offer. I love my sister, but I can't ever imagine doing something like that for anyone as difficult as pregnancy was for me. Hopefully Khloe will get pregnant on her own, but I'm sure it's nice for her to know that it's an option. Especially since Kris Jenner's eggs all dried up in 1998 ... which we so didn't need to know.

As for Kim and her P.I. fascination, it's getting old. It's understandable that she has some questions about Scott and his behavior, but it was beyond inappropriate and out of line to hire someone to investigate her sister's boyfriend. Khloe tried to stop her, but that didn't do much.

For the past couple of seasons, Scott has seemingly been so good. On the surface it looked like he'd really cut back on the drinking and was working hard to be a good father to his two children and boyfriend to Kourtney. I almost forgot how repulsed I was by him and how much I thought Kourtney needed to leave him. Tonight it all came flooding back though. We saw that he's back to his old ways ... and it may be worse than ever.

He goes away on trips regularly, often to Vegas, and when he's there he parties relentlessly. He gets falling-down drunk, makes an ass out of himself, and when he comes home, he needs a whole day to sleep it off. This is a 30-year-old man who has two children, and Kourtney said it happens about once a week.

Kourtney said there's no doubt he has a drinking problem. We knew that before, and he was supposedly going to work on it, but here they are again. Kourtney says her biggest concern is that he's not around her and the kids in such a state, but it doesn't seem like he should be in that state at all because he just can't handle it.

And of course, the big question is what did the private eye Kim hired find out about Scott. The episode ended with him telling her there was some stuff she needed to know, and we're left imagining what it could be. Besides getting wasted and making an ass out of himself, I don't have many guesses. I don't really get the sense he would be having an affair or anything like that, and what is there really beyond that? Whatever it is, previews show Kourtney and Scott all sorts of pissed at Kim for daring to do what she did, which is understandable. However, the real question is if Kourtney will be more pissed off at Scott for what Kim found out about him.

Do you think Scott will ever truly change his ways? What do you think Kim's private eye uncovered about him?


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sssdnm sssdnm

Kinda did think he was cheating. ..or maybe Kim sees hope he was drinking all day?

linzemae linzemae

Even though im sitting in the hospital recovering from a c section I would absolutely be a surrogate for my sister. She will be an amazing mother when her time comes.

USMCw... USMCwife0530

@ linzemae, you're a sweetheart :) 

nonmember avatar Setra

I definitely thought it was really nice of Kourtney to offer to be a surrogate to her Khloe whose has problems conceiving. I'm sure it will provide some ease to Khloe who's been stressed out over this issue. I was commuting home from work at DISH when this was on but wasn't going to miss this finale. I watched on my train ride home, on my phone with the DISH Anywhere app. This app allows me to watch live and recorded shows while I'm on the go.

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