'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 5 Finale Recap: Kenya Moore Makes a Major Party Foul

Kenya MooreSo much for the nicer, kinder Kenya Moore she vowed to be after her health scare. Tonight was the season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and she gave us a big final dose of her crazy, diva ways. 

She was hosting a big party and went all out with party planners galore. "Today is like my wedding day," she said, which ... well, that's Kenya. Anyway, she wanted to honor iconic black women and asked each of the Housewives to dress up as a famous one that she chose for them. Most of them were great. NeNe Leakes made a mean Grace Jones; Kandi Burruss was Tina Turner, etc. When it came to her arch enemy Porsha Stewart, however, Kenya assigned her a role that wasn't exactly flattering -- Halle Berry in B*A*P*S

Now, you know that Kenya did it to get at Porsha purposefully. That was more than evident by the look on her face when she gave her the assignment. So it was good to see Porsha stand up for herself and disobey the diva.

Instead of Halle and the trashy gear she wore in the movie, Porsha chose to arrive as Dorothy Dandridge in an elegant gown. Kenya was not happy. In fact, she flipped the hell out.

She called it distasteful and started scolding Porsha for not following her orders. The hostess with the mostest she was not welcome, especially when Kenya asked her bodyguards to throw Porsha out. If that wasn't diva behavior on display, I don't know what is. 

The other ladies were aghast that Kenya would stoop that low, and left in solidarity with Porsha. Good for them, and I wish they'd have actually kept going. Instead they stood around until Porsha decided to be the bigger person and go back in. It would have served Kenya right if they'd left altogether.

But they didn't, and Kenya even apologized to Porsha after a pep talk from NeNe. It was all for show, but she did it. The two agreed they need to sit down and talk things out, but I don't see that ever happening. The reunion, which starts next week, should be interesting. If not for the ongoing feud between the two of them, previews show Kim Zolciak will be there. Don't be tardy!

Do you think Kenya was right to throw Porsha out of her party? Do you think Porsha did the right thing going back in?


Image via Bravo

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bills... billsfan1104

I didn't know that Porche was served with divorce papers. I googled it, and it was something he didn't see coming. I feel bad for her

Denise Benefield Rooney

Did Kenya actually tell these women what her plan was for the evening with the "skits" she had planned?

nonmember avatar Tonya

Kenya Moore has to be brought down a few pegs. She is very distasteful for askin her guess to leave its only a party. she has no life please find a man so you can cool down or better yet ask Candy for some toys to play with. Girl you know she ain't right she wanted to marry some one that she had apparently not slep with did not know what he had to offer. Girl Boo get a peace quik.

nonmember avatar Juls

I think she did tell them what her plans were bc she mentioned the email she sent them.

And about kicking people out...
Porsha kicked Kenya out after Kenya left her event.
Kenya only asked her to leave once she got rude, not just for not wearing the right costume.
And let's not forget nene straight up didn't let her friends in who flew from one end of the us to the other bc they were a few hours late!!!!!!!!

Kenya just needs to change her delivery and stop getting so dramatic and people may actually identify with her. Is all in the delivery!!!

Ross Katrina

I think it's Kenya delivery, because if I was invited to a party that had a dress code I would adhere to the dress code or not go!

nonmember avatar Angelina

Im so sick of kenya immature butt! She wanted to embarrass porcha by havin her show up dressed like the character from baps.she became angry cuz porche had enough sense not to do that. I think kenya is jealous of porsha cuz she looked beautiful in that dress and showed her up as foxy brown. Kenya trick to make porsha look crazy back fired,and everyone saw how vindictive and immature kenya was. Wish ne ne and phaedra woulda punched her in her damn face!

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Kenya needs to learn how to send out Invitations when she has a Gala event like that so everyone knows whats going and why they are asked to wear certain costumes ., Besides Invitations are much classier then emails and can't be misconstrued. And since when has Hollie Berry been a Iconic Black woman in History? (that was a bit of a dig from Kenya) 

Vicki Berger-Marcus

"I think she was/ is a rude nasty woman!!
Porsha was stunning as Dorthy!!
It's hard to compete with young beautifull and good hearted!!
Throw that horror woman named, Kenya off the show!!

Norma J Brill

 She;s an old USA and might just be the worst person who can be chosento represent the USA... No Class. She needs to  spin 3 times and get lost.

nonmember avatar Ed

I think it was right to leave the party as a group. I know they were waiting out side for NeNe to arrive, but the part I dont understand is why did they hang around and then go back in.

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